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Meet Tim and Trugs!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.


Her Campus BC wants to provide all Collegiettes with the opportunity to make informed decisions about UGBC President and Vice President during this tumultuous election season.  With the Quad about to be infiltrated with candidates looking to make an impact on your BC experience, we thought we would get the inside scoop from each of the campaign teams to get the real story behind what they’re all about, and what they want to bring to UGBC and the BC community as a whole.    

Here are Tim Koch and Chris Trugs, running for UGBC President and Vice President.  Two BC enthusiasts, as well as Summer 2012 Orientation Leaders and avid readers of Her Campus BC, we looked into what their plans for the campaign are, and what are some things they want to see done for the BC community in the coming year.   


1. Names

Tim Koch

Chris “Trugs” Truglio


2. Hometowns

Tim: Matawan, New Jersey

Trugs: Long Valley, New Jersey


3. Majors

Tim: English and Psychology Major with a Minor in Management & Leadership

Trugs: Accounting and Finance


4. Other involvements on campus

Tim: Orientation Leader, Deputy Director of UGBC’s BC to Boston, Coordinator of Special Events (planned Homecoming, Christmas Tree Lighting, and BC Boardwalk) in the Campus Entertainment Department, the Mentoring Leadership Program, Volunteer for the Boston Scholar Athlete Program, Intern for Nestle


Trugs: Head Eagle Ambassador for the Office of the Dean of Students, Orientation Leader, Volunteer for Nativity Prep School, Southern Tide & Google+ Campus Representatives, Deloitte & Touche AERS Intern, Mr. BC


5. What do you think sets you apart from the other candidates in this election?


I think that our team is unique in that Tim will be able to bring those elements of the old UGBC that work very well into the student government next year, and what’s great about Trugs is that he provides a fresh set of experiences that is representative of the student body.  We think this is something that UGBC should strive for next year.  We want to be as representative of the entire student body as possible.  In addition, while we have great experience working with administrators in the Student Program Office, the Office of First Year Experience, and the Dean of Students Office, we recognize that we are students who must stand for students.  For this reason, we will challenge the administration to ensure that student advocacy is our greatest priority.



6. What is one thing you really want to make happen on campus?


One thing we would really like to make happen on campus is bringing a few Zip Cars to campus for student use.  We know that many students do not access to vehicles, so we’d like to see students have a means of transportation that is more convenient for students who need to go to the grocery store, nearby shopping malls, or anywhere else where a student would need a car to get there.  We would also like to form a committee that has an equal say as to how the Student Activities Fee is allocated among organizations.  This committee would work directly with the Vice President of Student Affairs to ensure that organizations whose events are highly attended receive the adequate funding they need in order to continue the strong programming they do.


7. What is the thing you’re most excited for during this election process?


We’re extremely excited to implement the creative marketing ideas that our team has come up with.  We have a great team, and we are constantly emphasizing that this election is not about the two of us; it is about the entire student body.  We are extremely thankful for our campaign managers, Ali Maka and Connor Bourff, as well as all of our team members who have dedicated so much time to our cause.  Every single person has been vital towards our campaign from its inception.



8. Should we expect any surprises from your campaign?


Surprises are what we are all about!  Let’s just say that we have been thinking about new and innovative ways to promote our team for quite some time.  We’re thrilled to show BC what we’ve come up with and to see their response! After all, #InTimAndTrugsWeTrust


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Caitlin is currently a student at Boston College studying English and Pre-Law.  At BC, she is a member of the Boston College Irish Dance Club, on the Honors Program Student Executive Board's Community Service Committee, and interns and writes for the fashion and culture blog Rusted Revolution.  She has been wriring for Her Campus BC since Jaunary 2011 and is serving as BC's Campus Correspondent for the 2012-2013 school year.  Outside of school, she is a competitive Irish dancer, and has been dancing for 18 years. During her high school career, she completed an engineering project at Case Western Reserve University that made her one of 40 Intel Science Talent Search Finalists in 2009.   In addition to all of this, Caitlin loves reading, yoga, running, shopping, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.