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Meet Texas Cutie, Paul J Lee!

Meet Paul Lee - a sophomore economics major reigning from Houston, Texas.  He’s upbeat, friendly and has a great sense of humor.  Collegiettes™ read on and maybe you can be the lucky girl to score Paul’s casual dream date that takes place in Italy.  Yes, you read that right.  Maybe, prince charming does exist after all.   

Name: Paul J Lee
Hometown: Houston, TX
School, Year: A&S, 2014
Major: Economics

BC Life
Activities/Clubs: I am part of the Investment Club and (hopefully) a first time Campus School marathon runner! I also like going to whatever culture club events I can.
How did you get involved with said clubs? I wanted to get some exposure to investing in the market, so I joined the Investment Club. I like running, so I thought it'd be fun to try running a marathon and it's for a good cause, too, so that's a nice perk. And I like all the interesting events put out by the culture clubs, so I always try to see what fun stuff they have to offer (like food)!
Best Class: Love my Honors class; Professor Cohen is definitely one of the coolest teachers I've had.
Favorite place on campus: Newton! Jokes. I really like the O'Neill plaza, since I can see Gasson and it's a great, open space, except when there's snow everywhere, covering everything, and there's only about a two-foot wide walkway through the entire plaza.
What are you most excited for this year: I'm still not over loving life on lower, but I'm looking forward to when the temperature finally goes higher than 70 degrees again. Dare to dream.
Fun Facts
Favorite Movie: Fight Club, hands down.
Favorite Music: iTunes Top 10 usually has most of my favorites.
Favorite Food: Anything fried. Including ice cream.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who either don't hold open doors when I am clearly behind them (heavy doors everywhere on campus!) or people who don't say thank you when I hold doors open for them (HEAVY DOORS EVERYWHERE ON CAMPUS).
Most Embarrassing Moment: Falling down the stairs on upper. Like, the really long set of stairs, not the short baby ones. Shout out to frozen snow on stairs!
Secret Talents: Eating 4-6 person meal portions by myself, but I'm not sure how much of a secret that is anymore.
Guilty Pleasure: Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.
Love Life
Ideal Date: A casual dinner and then a casual movie; nothing too special… Oh, but it takes place in Italy.
Turn Ons: Being hilarious and awesome (and cute).
Celeb Crush: It's a tie between Paris Hilton and Beyoncé... similar, right?
Single? And loving it.
Looking? Maybe when I'm older. 

Lauren Ruvo is a sophomore at Boston College who is double majoring is Human Development and Communications. Lauren is originally from Las Vegas and doesn't think she will ever get used to the winters in Boston. Lauren writes for The Heights as well as the Boston College branch of Her Campus. In her free time, Lauren loves shopping, traveling, spending time with friends and family, spin class, and cooking. She is very excited about joining the Her Campus team!
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