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Meet Spontaneous Sophomore Brian Charron!

The Basics?
Name:  Brian Charron                                                                            
Hometown:  Born in New Jersey but lives in Quechee, Vermont
School/Year:  Arts and Sciences, 2014
Major:  Political Science and Communications
BC Life?
Activities/Clubs:  Appalachia Volunteers, SAP Program (Day visits and greeting), PULSE Program – Commonwealth Tenants Society, Phone Center   
Best Class:  I would have to say Rivers and the Environment.  Although the class itself was a little dry and boring, I had it with all of my friends and the professor was just such a goofy guy.  I looked forward to going to that class every day.  I tell people the ridiculous things that happened in that class all the time.
Worst Class:  Econ.  I would rather watch paint dry.
Bapst or O’Neill:  Bapst by night, O’Neill by day.  Bapst is so dark and gloomy and has a chamber-like feel, which is too depressing during the day.  
Favorite Place to Eat:  Addies.  I’m from Vermont so I’m all about organic, locally grown food.
Favorite BC Sport:  Although I have a lot of friends on the football team, I’d have to say hockey.  I really love going to all the games.
Favorite hangout spot on campus:  I don’t know if you would call it a hangout, but I’d say my friends’ rooms.
Movie:  Stranger Than Fiction, Fallen
TV Show:  Friends, followed by Entourage
Actor:  Adam Sandler
Actress:  Jennifer Aniston
Fun Facts:
Nicknames:  Bri, Bri-guy, B.Charr
If you could be any cartoon character, who would it be?  Brian Griffin, he’s very well spoken. 
Most Embarrassing Moment:  Junior year of high school, I had to take this course in order to become a certified swim instructor.  We had to take a mock class in which we needed to present a lesson to the other classmates as if they were the kids we were teaching.  My task was to teach about level 2 exit skills, which is for little children who still cannot really swim.  So I taught this whole lesson about how to safely exit the pool and all these techniques about getting out of the water by using their own body weight and how to safely use a ladder.  At the end of the whole presentation the teacher came up to me and told me how I gave a great demonstration, but that level 2 exit skills means a recapitulation of all the skills learned in level 2 swimming in order to move on to level 3, not about how to leave the pool.  I was mortified.   
Special Talents:  I can play the piano.  I can also bend my pointer finger all the way back to touch my palm… Oh and I can pop my shoulder blades all the way out!
Dream Job:  To one day be a club owner.  I just want to wear a suit, greet people and run things.
What are you looking forward to most for the rest of the semester?  I’m really excited for Marathon Monday and for Spring Break in Miami with a few friends.  I am also looking forward to cultivating the relationships I already have with people on campus and to further cultivate relationships with people I’ve drifted away from this semester.  I also really want to make sure I make more time for myself this semester.
Love Life:
Dating Status:  Single
Looking?  Casually
Celeb Crush:  Probably Jennifer Aniston or I might just go out on a limb and say Lady Gaga.  She’s crazy and weird and it’s questionable whether she’s actually a girl or not, but she does her own thing and I respect that. 
Ideal Girl:  My ideal girl is someone who is definitely independent and driven to succeed.  She’s someone who is up for anything.  She has to be spontaneous, flexible, and live by her agenda.  She’s also someone who is easy to talk to and connect with and makes me feel comfortable.  She also has to be a good listener. 
Ideal date:  Something unplanned and just kind of comes together and happens.  It needs to be something where we go somewhere and can just sit and talk and once we think it’s going to end, it takes us somewhere else.  Good food is also a must, I think.  It does not matter whether it is home cooked or going out for a meal.  
First thing you notice about a girl:  Eyes and if she smiles when she addresses me for the first time.
Any Deal Breakers?  Excessive clinginess and unnecessary whining.  
Deal Maker?   I’m always suggesting things to do and if she’s up for doing something I suggest or if she suggests something for us to do, could seal the deal.   It is always good to have someone to do crazy things with.  Also if she is friendly with my friends even if we are in separate social circles, is a huge plus.  I need a girl that can work the room.   
One girl’s accessory/ thing girls wear that you don’t understand:  I’m not sure if it counts as an accessory, but I don’t get excessive bronzer.  I mean, if your face does not match your arms… come on!  A girl does not need to be tan 365 days a year.  

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