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Meet Senior John Pizzuti!

John Pizzuti, recently back from Belize on an Arrupe trip, isn’t only into social justice.  He can also be found working out, drinking P-Chargers at MA’s, or checking items off his senior year bucket list.

Hometown:  Bethpage, NY?
Major:  Biology with minor in Theology
Nickname:  Uncle Ron
Activities on Campus:  The Mendel Society, Arrupe, Biology and Chemistry tutoring, working at the BC Law library, and of course going to the Plex to work on the SB’11 body.

Favorite Movie:  Good Will Hunting, but he is also into RomCom’s (Romantic Comedies).  His favorite is Love, Actually – so all you ladies grab your copy… we all know you own one… and head over to Voute!

Favorite TV Show:  Of all time, Entourage, but as of late, Parks & Recreation

Favorite Holiday:  Thanksgiving:  food, football, family

Favorite Drink: 

non-alcoholic:  Iced tea

alcoholic:  P-Charger, a classic MA’s beverage… you underclassmen will understand one day

Favorite Food:  Chicken Parm

Celebrity Crush:  Natalie Portman… She’s a babe and she’s smart, win-win

Celebrity Idol:  Matt Damon
Senior Year Bucket List:
1.)   Have a drink in all the dorm rooms I have lived in
2.)   Have a Dads day for all my friends and our fathers
3.)   Ski Trip
4.)   Go to a Red Sox game
5.)   Tour of Boston hosted by Eric Neumann (for all of you who don’t know Eric, he gives a mean Boston tour)

Other Fun Favorites:
Favorite way to spend Saturday afternoon:  In sweats on the couch watching sports
Biggest pet peeve:  People not following proper pedestrian etiquette
Weirdest “quirk”:  Playing with the tags on my shirt or anywhere else within reach (i.e. pillowcase, blanket)
Favorite 2:00 a.m. late night food:  Chi-Chi’s
Football or Hockey:  Football
Favorite American city:  New York City
Last thing you bought:  An impulse buy on the way to the Beanpot… Beanpot 2011 winter hat

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