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Meet Our Newest Campus Correspondent, Olivia!

Meet Olivia Arasim, this week’s campus profile! 


Hometown: Kennett Square, PA

Year: 2018

Major: English and Economics

Newton or Upper: Newton


What do you get at Eagles?

Normally I get the Tuscan Chicken or the New England Classic!


Go to study spot on campus: Stokes Bridge


Maloney elevator or Million Dollar Stairs?

Maloney Elevator, always.


If you were an academic building, which one would you be?



Hillside or Addie’s?



What’s one thing you would tell your freshman self??

Appreciate everything, because the time flies!


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Olivia! Feel free to reach out to her via email on our HCBC homepage!





Nursing student at BC who loves coffee, country music, the state of Maryland, and anything pink.
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