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Meet Cutie Nicole Wu!

This week’s Campus Cutie is Nicole Wu! This (in denial) senior loves coffee, math, and teaching. Read on to get to know Nicole!

Name: Nicole Wu 

Hometown: Wakefield, MA

School/Year: Lynch School of Education, 2016

Major: Elementary Education, Math/Computer Science 

Activities/Clubs: Marching Band, Pep Band, Student Admissions Program

Best class: Not really a class, but it counts for credit, so prac/student teaching 

Worst class: America and the World

Bapst or O’Neill: I’m in a committed relationship with Bapst

Favorite place to eat on campus: Hillside – Baja Chicken panini, frips, and herb cream cheese are all I need in my life 

Biggest pet peeve: Loud chewers, people who talk in the library 

Favorite thing about senior year: Hasn’t happened yet, but Senior Week because I’ll get to spend lots of time with my favorite people without having to worry about homework.

Most embarrassing moment: First time I’m sharing this one because I’m that embarrassed (S/O to all my Newton friends, you’ll get a kick out of this one). One time last semester, when I was taking the bus back from Newton campus, I didn’t get off at Main Gate thinking the bus would make another stop at Conte. I should have known something was terribly wrong when the freshmen getting off the bus were giving me funny looks, and I was the only person still on the bus as the doors closed. Next thing I knew, the bus was turning around by St. Ignatius and swiftly heading back to Newton. Turns out it was Eagle Direct, NOT Newton All Stops. I was forced to ride the bus all the way back to Newton again, before finally making it back to main campus. So yes, I am a senior and still don’t know how to work the Newton bus #UpperProblems

Fun fact: I am the 7th BC Eagle in my family!

Favorite movie: Remember Me 

Favorite TV show: Friends

Celeb crush: Zac Efron

Dream job: Teacher, so I guess dreams do come true?

Favorite BC sport: Hockey, for sure

Favorite hangout spot on campus: The Chocolate Bar (or anywhere that has coffee, really)

Relationship status: Single

Ideal guy: Honest, good sense of humor, likes coffee (obviously) 

Ideal date: Fancy dinner and a walk along the beach, preferably around sunset (hopeless romantic, sorry not sorry). But honestly, you could buy me a cup of coffee at a nice coffee shop, and I would be perfectly happy.

Deal breakers: Too much facial hair, doesn’t like country music 

Advice to incoming freshmen: Get involved or try something new! You’ll make awesome new friends, while doing something fun. 

Even though there’s only a month left of school, if someone wants to teach Nicole what TransLoc is, hit her up in the Chocolate Bar.

BC Senior, Future High School Teacher. Lover of laughing, Diet Coke, friends and family, pandas, peanut butter, and the BCMB.