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Meet Cutie Kevin Brogan!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Between winning the BC Portfolio Challenge and selling real estate, this guy is as smart as he is cute! If you don’t already know him, you should definitely get to know this week’s Campus Cutie, sophomore Kevin Brogan!

The Basics:

Name: Kevin Brogan

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

School/Year: A&S ‘16

Major: Econ


BC Life:

Activities/Clubs: PULSE, Voyage Realty, Squash

Best class: Art, Creativity, and Genius

Worst class: Rivers and the Environment

Bapst or O’Neill: O’Neill

Favorite place to eat: Eagle’s Nest


Love Life:

Single/Taken: Single

Ideal girl: Funny and quirky

Ideal date: Somewhere where we can eat a lot of food, and where I can easily persuade her to get dessert

Deal breakers: Self-centeredness


More about Kevin:

Biggest pet peeve: Hate the BC look away

Most embarrassing moment: Sober or drunk?

Fun fact: I’m extremely ticklish

Favorite movie: V for Vendetta and The Big Green

Celeb crush: Amanda Seyfried

Dream job: Managing a sports team

Favorite BC sport: Football

Advice to freshmen: Get out of the BC bubble!


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Meghan Gibbons is a double major in Communications and Political Science in her senior year at Boston College. Although originally from New Jersey, she is a huge fan of all Boston sports! Along with her at Boston College is her identical twin, who she always enjoys playing twin pranks with. Meghan is a huge foodie, book worm and beach bum