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Meet Cutie Isaiah Anderson!

This week’s campus cutie is Isaiah Anderson, one of the nicest people at BC. When he’s not running the show with the BC Marching Band on Gameday, he’s spending time working to make the world a better place. What’s not to love?

Name: Isaiah Anderson

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD (10 minutes south of Baltimore)

School/Year: MCAS ’17

Major: International Studies – Ethics & International Social Justice

Activities/Clubs: Marching Band, bOp! Jazz Band, and Arrupe (and I was on Men’s Crew for 2 years)

Best class: I took Philosophy of Religion with Peter Kreeft on a whim. We read C.S. Lewis and a book of Catholic apologetics among others. Every day we would discuss different aspects of the Christian faith. Being able to openly ask questions and get some answers about my own faith was a highlight of college, and Professor Kreeft has some great stories.

Worst class: The Living Earth, or “Rocks for Jocks.” In Devlin 008, I sat with about 20 other students, but on test day the entire room was full. There was one guy who sat in front of me who watched Breaking Bad every class.

Bapst or O’Neill: O’Neill. I think I’ve only been in Bapst two or three times.

Favorite place to eat on campus:  I’ve been on the meal plan for three years, so I’m loyal to Lower.

Biggest pet peeve: Some of the face-altering snap filters. 

One thing you’re most excited about for senior year: Going to Ireland with the Marching Band. It’ll be my first time there, and my last first game with the BCMB.

Most embarrassing moment: Mispronouncing President Buchanan’s name to interns on Capitol Hill. There was no way to recover from saying “Buh-chah-nan.”

Fun fact: By the end of this year, I will have traveled to five different countries in 2016.

Favorite movie: Rush Hour. Can’t get better than Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.

Favorite TV show: I watch a lot of shows, but the one I am really into right now is Suits.

Celeb crush: Jhene Aiko

Dream job: A job where I can work really hard towards solving some sort of problem and see a tangible success. Also a job with a week’s vacation every month.

Favorite BC sport: BC Men’s Crew. A lot of hard work early in the mornings and some serious calluses to prove it.

Favorite hangout spot on campus: So many good spots on campus – Stokes amphitheater, the Res, Hillside, those benches part of the way up the Million Dollar Stairs – but my favorite is sitting in the upper level of Alumni on a nice day.

Relationship status: Taken.

Ideal girl: Kyrie Olsen, except in the U.S. with me and not abroad for the semester.

Ideal date: Good food, live music, a scenic walk, and good company.

Deal breakers: Cigarette smoker. It must have been all those “Above the Influence” commercials I saw on Nickelodeon growing up.

Advice to freshmen: Ask upperclassmen to help you pick classes and plan out all your courses. I’m planning classes for senior year now and looking back on bad class choices, poor timing of taking those classes, and scrambling at the end to get in all my requirements. Take advantage of the drop/add period, because you can usually tell the tone of a class from the first week; trust your gut.

So if you’re trying to get in shape or just want to share a burger and a good conversation in Hillside, hit Isaiah up. Just know that he tells the burger people his name is David so they don’t spell it wrong.

BC Senior, Future High School Teacher. Lover of laughing, Diet Coke, friends and family, pandas, peanut butter, and the BCMB.