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Meet Communications Professor, Professor Lindsay Hogan!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Her students describer her as “enthusiastic” and “engaging.” Professor Hogan seems to have the gift of getting college students excited for class at 9am. While it can be difficult to wake up for any early morning class, Survey of Mass Communication with Professor Hogan is one her students genuinely want to wake up for.

Professor Hogan was raised in Dallas, Texas and attended The University of Texas at Austin as an undergraduate. She received her Masters degree in Cinema and Television studies at Southern Methodist University and her PhD in Media and Culture Studies at The University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is new to Boston—she just arrived in August 2013! She has also worked in television, marketing, and advertising. She focuses her research on youth media culture, television and new media industries, and theories of celebrity.

What is your advice for BC undergrads?

I’ve noticed that, especially at BC, students can fall into the trap of wanting to be perfect at everything. BC is such a pressure cooker consisting of so many talented and intelligent students who want to be the best at everything. My advice for undergrads is to stop putting so much pressure on yourselves and strive to be the best that you can be. Come to peace with yourself and realize that you can’t be the best at everything. Take a breath and focus on what is important in life. I have students who come to me upset about getting an 85 on their test. An 85 is a good grade. It is awesome that students want to do well in school, but it is also important that undergrads learn how to take a step back and put things into perspective. Sometimes an 85 can seem like a catastrophe for students, when really, if that is their biggest problem then they are doing really well. Be the best you.

What is your advice for students starting their careers after college?

Be open minded and quick on your feet. Be able to anticipate a problem before it happens. Look at the big picture instead of focusing on all of the little things. Know that you are coming from such a great place as a BC graduate, and that you have a liberal arts education that has provided you with critical thinking skills and essential life skills. Also, it is okay to not know your dream job. You’re not supposed to have everything figured out yet.

Based on your experiences in PR and advertising, what do you think BC students should keep in mind as they start interning?

Every internship is just as much about doing what you don’t like as it is doing what you do like. Don’t be afraid at the bottom. Putting in your dues is part of it. Do something. Take risks. Stay in contact with people. Network. Bring value.

What do you love most about BC?

The amazing Communication department and how bright the students are. BC students make it fun to teach because they put a lot of work into themselves and into their classes. When students are highly motivated, a professor can teach more and we can get into better discussions when students participate and take interest in the material. I also love the feel of the BC campus. It is a great size and everyone is so nice.

What is your biggest pet peeve as a professor?

When my former students walk by me and don’t say hi. It’s so sad! Just say hi! Also, when students don’t read the directions. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, college students should be able to read the directions before asking questions about them. 

What classes will you be teaching next semester?

Survey of Mass Communication, Mass Communication Theory, and Communication Methods: Critical/Cultural.




Emily is a junior Communications major at Boston College. She loves all things health & wellness and is very involved on campus. In addition to being a writer for Her Campus, she is also involved in Women in Business and Student Admissions Program, and she is a Barbour Brand Ambassador. In her spare time, she can be found catching up on the news via the obscene number of publications she checks each day, sweating it out at SoulCycle, or enjoying a meal with friends.
I am a Political Science major and Women's and Gender Studies minor at Boston College. I am an RA on campus and am involved in the Student Admissions Program. Since I am from Florida, I can legitimately say that I love long walks on the beach. I also love getting lost in a world fabricated by a novel, there is honestly nothing better.