Meet the CHAARG Chapter at Boston College

I had the opportunity to sit down with my friend and current Sophomore Rachel Frech to ask her a little bit about the Boston College chapter of CHAARG. CHAARG is an all-girls organization on campus focused on health and fitness, and creating opportunities for CHAARG girls to “find their fit.” Rachel is the Event Coordinator for BC’s chapter. 

1. What does CHAARG stand for and what are the group's goals?

CHAARG stands for “Changing Healthy Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls.”  CHAARG is an entirely student-run organization at Boston College that is focused on girls’ health and fitness and was created to change the mentality that girls have about fitness and working out. We seek to liberate girls from the elliptical and show them that fitness can and should be fun! Every week, we meet as a club for a different fitness event with a specialist in the health and fitness field. Our organization aims to show college-aged women that nutrition and fitness can be/should be fun to maintain throughout our busy college lifestyles

2. How long has CHAARG been at BC? and what are the group's goals?

CHAARG has had a chapter at BC for 2.5 years now! (5 semesters).

3. What differentiates CHAARG from other clubs on Campus?

Although a lot of clubs are not academically oriented, CHAARG's health and fitness components combined make it very unique and set it apart from other physically active clubs. We go out into the greater Boston area (+ stay on campus) seeking new opportunities to try different ways of staying active and healthy, i.e. barre classes, cycling classes, nutritional speakers.

4. What's your favorite CHAARG memory?

My favorite CHAARG memory was our event a few weeks ago at Equinox. It was their signature "Cut It" class that had us trying these crazy boxing combinations that made everyone laugh together when we messed up all time.

5. Why do you CHAARG?

I CHAARG for the sake of continuing to live an active and healthy lifestyle and to meet other young women who share the same passion for these ideals as me. Some of my best friends have come out of participating in CHAARG.

6. How can BC girls get involved in CHAARG in the future?

Look out for all of the recruiting we do at the beginning of each semester! Or sign up for our BC chapter by going to


Now it's up to you to  join CHAARG, meet girls focussed on a healthy lifestyle, and find your fit!