Meet Campus Cutie Kam Moore

Kam Moore, a defensive back on the Boston College football team, comes from Prince George’s County, Maryland. He describes his town “like crabs in a bucket,” where when “one person does well, everyone else tries to pull him or her back down.” He says that this environment motivated him to pursue his goals and chase the opportunities life has to offer, especially those offered at Boston College.

When he was recruited the end of his junior year, it was “a dream come true because I found a way out.” At sixteen years old he was ready to break through the barriers of his neighborhood and reach for what is unattainable for so many that surrounded him.

Upon arriving at Boston College, Kam has become an instrumental member of the Boston College Football team. He says that football is more than a game, it’s about being part of a team—but not just a team that puts points on the board, but a team that teaches you real world lessons. Kam states that “being part of a team makes you more prepared for the real world because you have to work with people, sometimes people you don’t like, to achieve a common goal.”


Off the football field, Kam is a student engaged in his studies. He is currently taking Principles of Microeconomics, Courage to Know, Literature Core, Environmental Rivers, and Intro to Christian Theology. His favorite class is Principles of Microeconomics because he enjoys learning about how the market works and what factors influence changes in the market. He is currently interested in becoming an Economics major, but is still undecided.

Outside the classroom Kam enjoys reading self-help/motivational books and books about the brain. He reads the motivational books “to become a better person and influence the world.” He reads books about the brain because he is fascinated by how the brain works and the thought process of a human being. Finally, Kam loves listening to music. He says that music is great way to express himself and always keep him well grounded.

Kam is a man on a mission. He is determined, hard working, and inspiring. He is ready to take advantage of all the opportunities Boston College has to offer and use his education to benefit those around him.