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Meet Campus Cutie, Alejandra Trejo!

Meet Campus Cutie, Alejandra Trejo! This senior with a double major in Psychology & Communications volunteers for 4Boston and is part of the  BC Women’s Club Soccer team. Before she graduates, she wants to go ice skating on the Frog Pond. Keep reading to find out more about this cutie! 

The Basics: 

Name: Alejandra Trejo

Hometown: El Paso, TX aka Mexico Town

School/Year: A&S c/o 2015 :( 

Major: Psychology & Communication

BC Life:

Best Class: Psychopharmacology with Prof Lamoureux & Social Psych with Prof Heberlein 

Worst Class: RIP to my hopes and dreams after chem with Prof Wolfman

Bapst or O’Neill:  O’Neil because Bapst is for people who hate fun. 

Activities/Clubs:  BC Women’s Club Soccer, 4Boston (CBAT), TMT

Favorite Place to Eat:  Eagles Nest 

Favorite hangout on campus:  ~modz~

Biggest Regret:  Not choosing a Women’s and Gender Studies minor and making close friends senior year that I wish I had met freshman year.

Biggest Success/Best Experience:  There are too many amazing memories to choose just one. 

One Thing Still on your BC Bucket List:  Ice skating on the frog pond 

Fun Facts:

Favorite Food:  All I need in life is refried beans and dessert. 

Favorite Book:  Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde 

Favorite Movie: About Time, but don’t watch it with me because I’ll shamelessly cry the whole time.

Favorite Song of the Moment: Slow Motion or Noble Heart by PHOX 

 Celebrity Crush: John Krasinksi and Eddie Redmayne 

Little Known Fact: I have unintentionally started a slippers collection. 

Advice to Freshmen: Study what you love. Don’t be afraid to have the conversations that matter.  

If you see Alejandra around campus, be sure to say hi! 
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