Lower's Best Offerings

Lower. Lower Live. Corcoran Commons. Whatever you like to call it, Lower is the watering hole of Boston College. Imagine it like that scene in “Mean Girls” when Lindsay Lohan is watching people interact at the mall fountain, except slightly less violent. Then again, it could be mistaken for an actual watering hole after 1 a.m. on any given Friday or Saturday night.

If you’re going to eat dinner anywhere on campus, Lower should probably be it. Mac is, well, Mac. Hillside dollars are few in number and we have to be selective with how we spend them. By process of elimination, Lower is ever reliable; I know that I can always find something to eat there, even if it’s just chicken or a turkey burger. Lower has a lot to offer, from Mexican to Chinese to Italian to the classic grilled cheese. As a lover of Lower Live, fondly known as Corcoran Commons, I have taken it upon myself to make a list of Lower’s best offerings. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you should probably get on it. If you have, then you will totally catch my drift.



Grilled Chicken

I must hand it to you, Lower, you make a mean piece of chicken. It is always grilled to perfection, never undercooked and rarely overcooked. Sure, a plain piece of grilled chicken sounds boring. But there are plenty of ways to jazz up your poultry! Try one of Lower’s many cheeses or seasonings. If you ask me, the best and only logical way to eat Lower chicken is with pesto. The first time I tried it, everything changed. Pesto takes it to another level of deliciousness. Though I’ve never had it, I’ve been told that pesto and Swiss cheese is the way to go. Head to Lower now and give it a go!



One of my roommates might be one of Jalapeños biggest fans. It’s hard to blame her; Lower’s lunchtime Mexican section is notorious for producing a mean quesadilla. Though the lines can be absurdly long from 12 p.m. until 1:30 p.m., Jalapeños is worth the wait. They’ll wrap you up a burrito with all the fixings or serve a tasty quesadilla, with or without chicken. Try a plate if you want to avoid a heavier wrap; rice, beans, and chicken with veggies make for a filling and yummy lunch. One of my favorite things to do is grab a soup cup and ask the ladies of Jalapeños to fill it with veggies. I’m not sure if they like my request, but the veggies are so good on their own with a side of grilled chicken (see above).


Lentil Soup

All of Lower’s soups are delicious (shout out to Thai Chicken and all varieties of tomato), but the lentil stew actually makes my life better. There are two variations, so be careful when you grab a ladle to scoop it into your cup. I am a fan of the vegan lentil soup, not to be confused with Indian lentil stew. The soup is made with carrots, turnips, lentils, and love. It’s hearty and delicious on a brisk fall or winter day. Try it with hummus and a pita. Your day will instantly be improved. Fun fact: on hurricane day of 2012, I ate lentil soup for both lunch and dinner. I didn’t know when a tree might crash into my room, so I had to ensure that what might be my last meal was my favorite food at BC.


Great Grains

Lower’s newest section offers super healthy and trendy grains like quinoa, bulgur wheat, couscous, and brown rice. They come mixed with a variety of seasonings and ingredients and will fill you up and make you feel great. My personal favorite is their brown rice with black beans and corn. It’s got good carbs, protein, and awesome flavor. Have it as a side with a quesadilla; you won’t regret it.


Baked Squash

Generally found in Lower on Turkey Dinner Night, Lower’s baked squash is actually to die for. It’s healthy and sweetens up when it is roasted, so it’s basically the best thing ever. Ask for it as a side or eat it with your turkey dinner. It will be just like Thanksgiving, but not at your house and without pumpkin pie.


Steak & Cheese

Many of my friends are huge proponents of the steak and cheese section at Lower. They’re hearty, maybe not so healthy, but delicious. Make them healthier by adding veggies and going easy on the sauce. A word to the health conscious: if you want a steak and cheese but not so much bread, ask for it sans bread. This way, you get your steak and cheese fix without consuming so many calories in bread.


Breakfast Potatoes

They serve these warm little puffs of heaven in all dining halls, but they just taste better in Lower on a Saturday morning around 11 a.m. I needn’t explain why the breakfast potatoes are the best; just head to Lower and try them for yourself. You will instantly understand.


Addies Everything

Head upstairs when you walk into Lower and make your way towards Addies, where they’re serving up local and sustainable foods. Everything there is delicious; the flatbreads come with a variety of delicious fillings, the veggie burgers are life changing, and the salads are satisfyingly scrumptious. Addies also has cupcakes and ice cream, both of which are the perfect indulgent ending to your healthy dinner.

While we might complain about how “boring and repetitive” the dining hall food is at BC, we have to appreciate it for what it is. For those of us on dining plans, it’s all we’ve got. Compared to other colleges, BC has some of the best food around. So next time you’re in Lower, try something new and take advantage of all that Lower has to offer! And to freshmen and sophomores: please offer to pay for your upperclassmen friends on the Flex plan. We will love you forever.