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Living the “Pura Vida”

One day when I was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled upon a fabulous picture of a girl’s arm candy. As someone who loves wearing an excessive amount of bracelets, I desperately clicked around as I attempted to find where the bracelets were from. After a few moments I found myself looking at an account called “Pura Vida Bracelets,” whose bio read, “Hand-made bracelets from Costa Rica.” Intrigued, I scrolled through the colorful and vibrant photos of girls wearing the bracelets while doing yoga or swimming in tropical locations.


When I went to the company’s website I discovered that Pura Vida was founded by two California residents who had traveled to Costa Rica . On their trip, the Californians met some local artisans who were living in poverty, but created beautiful hand-made string bracelets. The Californians took some of the bracelets home with them to sell in the U.S.  The bracelets became so high in demand that the Californians and the Costa Rica artisans formed a partnership, and now over 100 Costa Rica artisans have jobs making the bracelets.

One of my favorite aspects of Pura Vida is the charity bracelet option. There are specific bracelet designs that have been created for certain causes, and when a bracelet is purchased part of the proceeds go to the associated charity.  The charities vary from cancer awareness to environmental protection.  One of my personal favorites is the “Boston Strong” bracelet, which is composed of royal blue and yellow string.  When purchased, the proceeds go to One Fund Boston to help those affected by the Boston marathon bombings.


I truly believe that Pura Vida is a company worth knowing about. Every bracelet ordered provides a job for a Costa Rica artisan. So when you purchase a beautiful bracelet, someone else benefits in an even greater way. I have absolutely fallen in love with Pura Vida, not only for their amazing bracelets but also for their purpose.  The founders aim to stay true to their company’s name, claiming that “Pura Vida” is not just a saying it is a life style.

I feel so passionate about this company that I have gotten my own promo code. If you are interested in purchasing bracelets use the code kristinagiacchetto20 and get 20% off all orders!

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