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The Little Things: Fall Edition

With the coming of fall, the times of strong summer sun, beaches, and shorts seem to be just faint memories.  Autumnal breezes, a return to the Heights, and cozy sweaters have replaced distant summer adventures.  The trees on campus, once green and robust, have wilted to a crisp red and orange.  Fall is in full force here at BC and here are just some of the little things you should take the time to appreciate!

1.  Fall foliage

2.  Jumping in leaves

3.  Lazy rainy movie days

4.  Crisp fall air

5.  Fall colors

6.  Baking

7.  Hot apple cider at hillside

8.  Wearing boots

9.  Stepping on crunchy leaves

10.  Halloween

11.  Autumn sunsets

12.  Football

13.  Cozy socks

14.  Comfy sweaters

15.  Flannel

16.  Chunky knitted scarves

17.  Apple picking with friends

18.  Cinnamon sugar

19.  Finding the perfect pumpkin while pumpkin picking

20.  Carving jack-o-lanterns

21.  Pumpkin pie

22.  Apple pie

23.  Candy corn

24.  Caramel apples

25.  Going home for Thanksgiving

26.  Pumpkin Spice Lattés at Starbucks


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Bridgid O'Brien is a senior at Boston College studying psychology. She has been a member of the Boston College Irish Dance Team for the past three years and has been Irish Dancing for fourteen years. She works as a fifth grade teacher's aide in one of the urban Boston middle schools and interned this summer at Massachusetts General Hospital working with children with autism and Asperger's disorder. Bridgid loves working with children and plans to continue onto graduate school for clinical psychology. Bridgid is excited for the year ahead and so excited for what the future holds!
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