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Lifting Your Ladies and Other Things To Do in Your Twenties

I’ve always been a stubborn person.  Even when I know my argument isn’t holding up or my reasoning isn’t sound, I continue to battle it until completely proven wrong.  A few weeks ago, I was put in my place:  by my new bra.
My friend had gone for a bra fitting a few months ago at Intimacy in the Copley Place Mall and raved about it.  When she encouraged me to go myself, I nodded my head but did nothing about it.  That is, until she sent me a coupon for $20 off and my old bra starting cutting into my side.

I went to Intimacy in the beginning of April, a little wary of what was going to happen and in denial that I had been wearing the wrong size for the last, oh, 8 years.  The bra fit specialist led me into a dressing room as soon as I got there with about twenty bras dangling off of her wrist.  The first bra she clasped around my chest felt like a “Hallelujah” moment.  My boobs were perky and covered and the bra was so comfortable.  All I could say was, “I can’t believe it took me this long to do this.”
The experience got me thinking:  what else aren’t we doing as twenty-somethings that we probably should?  This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, but simply things I’ve found that I procrastinated (or am still procrastinating) on doing that, from what I hear, are pretty important.  
1.  Go for a bra fitting.  Clearly, this was going to be on the list.  I’m not kidding, BC collegiettes™.   You will feel so much more empowered and self-confident when your boobs are supported properly.  It sounds so silly, but definitely go get one.  Victoria’s Secret does them for free, and so does Intimacy, although you should plan on buying something afterwards.  After trying on a perfectly fitting bra, you’ll probably want to buy the whole store anyway.

2.  Make an appointment with the gynecologist.  It may sound ridiculous, but whether you’re sexually active or not, you should still get everything checked out.  A lot of people may stay at the doctor they’ve been going to their whole lives (read:  pediatrician), but at some point they kick you out.  It’s also a lot easier to talk to the gyno about any issues than the doctor who has known you since you were an infant.
3.  Get your eyes checked by an optometrist.  I know.  I know!  You’re thinking, “Brittany, I think I would know if my eyes were bad.”  Yeah, you might.  More than likely, though, you wouldn’t.  It’s recommended that you get your eyes checked very two years, especially if you wear glasses or contacts.  Even if you don’t, eyesight gradually declines with age and you may not notice any differences, even if they’re there.  Since our generation has grown up staring at computer and TV screens, it definitely can’t hurt to make sure they’re working their best.

4.  Learn to budget your money.  We always hear these words of advice, but how many of us actually listen to them?  This one is on here because as I leave the Heights this May, I know I’m going to be living a very different lifestyle.  My roommates and I have all been figuring out our own budgets for next year, and there are definitely a ton of things you have to think about!  Whether or not you’re graduating this year, it’s a great skill to be able to manage your money well.  You can check out Mint.com, a website that helps you manage your money, or check out the money management seminars BC offers through Jump$tart that are open to all undergraduates – which I, of course, never attended. (You’re welcome, Dunkin’ Donuts and MA’s.)
5.  Travel and explore.  This one might be a little more expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.  Sure, a large portion of us study abroad junior year and travel all over the world, but how often do you explore your own backyard?  I’m guilty of this, too.  One of the biggest things I learned when I studied in Parma, Italy, was how amazing the world is.  My friends and I would speak to Italians and they would ask about American landmarks that I’d never been to.  Just because it seems touristy doesn’t mean it’s not fun and amazing – even if it’s just a trip to Mike’s Pastry in the North End!  

There you have it!  These are five things I’ve done or that I’m working on right now at 21.  Let me know in the comments – what do you think is important to do in your twenties? 

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