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A Letter that Every Big Sister Deserves to Read

To my big sis:

Thank you for taking my first steps into the world for me.

Thank you for tasting Brussels sprouts before me.

Thank you for learning how to ride a bike, then giving me the cheats.

Thank you for all the tough love.

Thank you for telling me when I look fat in those pants.

Thank you for letting me sleep in your room when it was too dark.

Thank you for telling me when I’m wrong.

Thank you for saving me a seat in the back of the school bus.

Thank you for teaching me how important self-respect is.

Thank you for letting me raid your closet and come out alive.

Thank you for covering for me when mom told me to clean my room and I didn’t.

Thank you for buying me gummy bears when you knew I was stressed out.

Thank you for listening to the little things, the ones that no one else took the time to.

Thank you for laughing when I make out-of-context SpongeBob references.

Thank you for showing me what it means to be responsible.

Thank you for convincing me to watch Breaking Bad and Narcos when I complained I didn’t have the time.

Thank you for encouraging me when I felt like I had failed egregiously.

Thank you for randomly shopping for me and getting me excited to come home to a gift.

Thank you for doing things that constantly go unappreciated.


Most of all, thank you for being my sister, because being away from you on a good day is tough, and being away from you on a bad day is nearly impossible. I love you almost as much as I love Italian bread. And that’s a whole lot.


Source: https://therealfullhousereviewed.wordpress.com/2011/12/16/season-4-episode-22-stephanie-plays-the-field/

Hey I'm Gab Sansaricq, a native New Yorker, a current Boston College Sophomore majoring in Psychology, and an avid proponent of the idea that you can never have too much cheese on your pasta.
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