KIT: Keep in Touch!

One of the most indicative aspects of the end of the school year is the publication of yearbooks. Remember perusing through the pages, having feelings of nostalgia for the year past? And then you had to get it signed by ALL of your friends because, well, who didn’t? We were so cool in middle school and early high school signing in acronyms: H.A.G.S (or a more original variation, H.A.K.A.S), K.I.T., the list goes on. So easy, gets the message across, short and sweet.

A popular yearbook phrase at Hillridge Junior High

I will be the first person to admit that I am the absolute worst at keeping in touch not only over the summer, but also over any extended period of time. It’s not that I don’t like people (although a certain Buzzfeed quiz has told me I do), it’s just that I don’t make the effort or I get caught up in other distractions. I suppose you could say I’m somewhat of an introvert. Without the immediacy of my friends, I tend to be rather content on my own.

With all of the technology that is available you would think I’d have an easier time staying connected. I had plenty of friends in high school, but since graduation I’ve only continued relationships with a select few. As time goes on, I find it’s the people with whom I have a stronger bond that I can count on to still be there for me after all these years. Even so, when so much distance separates us, our interactions don’t go much further than a few Snapchats, likes on Instagram or Facebook, and the occasional text. But when we’re back home it’s as if we never left.

After my three years at BC, having lost and made so many relationships, I’ve learned that it’s implausible to maintain every single one of them. Even if the effort is put in, people still drift apart. Last summer was particularly difficult for me because I was juggling two jobs and working seven days a week. It never gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my high school friends and that blackout period extended into my junior year. However, I do recognize that even the strongest relationships cannot last without keeping in touch. As I go into this summer and into my senior year faced with the concept of graduation, I want to work on both maintaining my previously established relationships and developing the relationships I have begun. The strongest friendships will typically come back and it is up to me to nurture them. Here’s to growing into crazy, old ladies together!

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