The Key to Success: Snapchat Story Edition

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with the BC Snapchat Story. I myself have tried numerous times to get into the story, yet each time I am let down by the elusive Snapchat controllers. I was denied so many times that I convinced myself that the people who run the BC story had it out for me. Once I realized that my original snapchats were not going to be accepted, I decided to submit the classics to ensure my celebrity status: a walk up the Million Dollar Stairs on an early Monday morning, a picture of the famous Pope cutout, and of course a night picture of Gasson with the caption, "Goodnight Gasson." Even with what I thought were my golden tickets onto the story, I refreshed my page only to find none were accepted. Although my attempts were unsuccessful, I came across a couple of people who have had great success with the BC Snapchat Story and have a couple of tips so even YOU can make the story.

Meet Katya Van Anderlecht, a freshman from Beverly, MA, who is currently living in Duchesne East on Newton ("woo newt").

Katya is studying Bio/Pre-Med. She loves to sing and run, and is even on the Chorale at BC! I met Katya on my 48 Hours retreat this past weekend and some of my group members immediately recognized her or had heard about her. I soon learned that Katya had been on the BC Snapchat Story a whopping 10 times! At first I was jealous (and still am) but then I was extremely impressed; I had to know her secrets.

Katya has been on the story for:

  • waiting for the Newton bus
  • singing in Chorale
  • dancing on the Newton bus
  • serenading the Stokes lawn with Christmas songs en route to a party
  • serenading the quad with a Christmas song en route to a party
  • singing Heart and Soul in the O’Connell House
  • studying for a bio exam hidden behind her Chorale binder
  • singing Roses at the Conte bus stop when she didn’t actually have Chainsmokers tickets
  • making a snowman in front of McGuinn
  • taking a selfie with a snowman she made in front of Stokes

Katya says she is most proud of her Chainsmokers story "because that means somewhere someone thought a video of [her] singing an out of tune rendition of Roses was better than a video of the actual Chainsmokers.” Another impressive fact is that Katya was even on the Snap Story back to back! She suggests “shar(ing) your talents and musical abilities (or lack of)” to make the story. Make sure to keep an eye out for Katya around campus. She has the snap story down to a science.

My jealousy does not end with Katya though: meet twins Jack and Mitch Erdle.

Jack and Mitch are freshmen from Lone Tree, CO, but are currently living on Upper Campus in Gonzaga (Mitch) and Fenwick (Jack). Jack is studying Finance in CSOM, and Mitch is studying Finance in CSOM, but is looking to switch to Information Systems and Business Analytics. Jack enjoys playing pickup basketball, FIFA, Call of Duty, service, fantasy football, and of course, “working on [his] Snapchat game.” Similarly, Mitch likes playing basketball, video games, service, and “general shenanigans.” I met Jack and Mitch in my Perspectives class taught by Professor DiSalvatore. Although we lucked out with our professor, the twins' outgoing personalities add humor to a class with daunting topics. Jack and Mitch have a close relationship that makes it hard to imagine one without the other: a relationship all siblings strive for.

When their snapchats are accepted (usually together), they tally an impressive 15 times! Mitch’s proudest moment on the story was when they lip-synched The Lion King. He claims it was their “breakout performance by far.” (pictured below)

Jack on the other hand says that he is most proud of his snapchat “walking with [his] Bronco flag as a cape before [they] beat the PATS.” They have also been on the story for:

  • dancing in the bathroom (2x) 
  • acting like Mufasa (while listening to Lil Wayne)
  • wearing Bronco gear before the AFC Championship
  • acting in slow-mo in Stokes
  • filming their mom hitting the ‘quan’
  • and many more that they both just can’t remember

Jack says the key is “creativity definitely, you gotta appeal to the humorous side of people, and of course my videographer: Anthony DeMeo.” Mitch says “acting as ridiculous as possible is an easy way to get on the story. That’s what we do.” They both also claim that genetics has something to do with it too, since their sister, a senior at BC, has also made the story multiple times. Make sure you watch out for these two blonde twins on campus, the luck of the Erdles could be your ticket to the story!

Well there you have it folks, the best advice from the best in the business. If you are striving to be on the BC Snapchat Story, you should be sure to dance in front of the mirror, make a snowman, or do some type of acting/singing in order to increase your chances. I hope to see you all on the story. Good luck!