Justin Timberlake: A Fine Wine

Foreword: I listened to the sweet soothings of JT the entire time that I wrote this. Because what else does one do when writing about how undeniably amazing Justin Timberlake is? Nothing else, that’s what.


They say that a fine wine gets better with age. Its flavor grows fuller and deeper, transforming from a plain, fresh beverage to an incredible, complex indulgence. You treat a fine wine with care, sipping it slowly from your favorite glass. You relish it and try to really understand it. You want to taste every distinct flavor hitting your tongue as you tip the glass back against your lips and feel the cool sensation of the wine visiting your taste buds. You treasure the wine now; it’s no Franzia. God, no.

No, this is not an article about fine wine, a luxury that none of us college students can afford. I am here to assert that Justin Timberlake, the former ‘N Sync’er who we all know and love, is the fine wine of celebrities. He started out in The Mickey Mouse Club (with Britney Spears LOL) at age 13, a young cherub taking his first steps towards stardom.

From there, he joined ‘N Sync, God’s gift to mankind. During his boy band days, JT rocked some killer gel to tame those curly, dirty, blonde locks of his. His baseball tees and piercing blue eyes were enough to break anyone’s heart. And who could forget his denim getup that he rocked with Britney hooked on his arm? Okay, maybe that wasn’t his best moment. But he was trying. It was a look. JT had created a look. Creating a look is no easy feat.

In 2003, ‘N Sync broke up. Tears were shed in my house and in homes around the world, I guarantee. But this was a good thing for JT. The breakup of the greatest boy band in history (sorry Backstreet Boys, Nick can’t hold a candle to JT) led JT to branch out on his own, which brought us FutureSex/LoveSounds. AKA, "I’m Bringing Sexy Back." The moment we all heard that song, we knew that we had a new JT on our hands. Age was a good thing.

After SexyBack, Justin took a little hiatus from music. He was featured on a hit here and there, but JT mainly used 2007-2012 to focus on his acting. He took this time to grow and mature; JT was figuring out who he wanted to be. You go JT, you figure out who you are. We love you for it. Justin’s musical intermission brought him the opportunity to play Sean Parker in The Social Network in 2010. His accurate portrayal of Parker as the arrogant entrepreneur that is he won him well-earned attention for his acting abilities.

Thus, the world knew that JT could sing, dance, bring SexyBack, and act. A true renaissance man if you ask me.

Post-Social Network, JT appeared in Friends With Benefits, which basically made every person in America want to be his friend with benefits. Don’t lie; you know you would welcome a call from JT at 3 a.m. asking you to come over. I dare you to find someone who could say no.

JT showed the world that he was still the authority on all things pop when he released The 20/20 Experience Parts 1 and 2 in 2013. He mixed soulful ballads with exciting, mod-worthy dance hits, proving to us all that he still has it. Songs like "Mirrors," "Spaceship Coupe," and "Amnesia" show JT’s deeper side, while "Take Back the Night" and "TKO" exhibit Justin’s uncanny ability to create the perfect upbeat tune. While you’re listening to his new album, take a second to listen to "Not a Bad Thing," which sounds like an ‘N Sync hit in the very best way. Keep doing what you’re doing, JT.

We cannot talk about JT without touching on his love life. He started out with Britney Spears during his young years. He moved on to the more mature, suitable woman who is Cameron Diaz. I speculate that JT was ready to settle down and she wasn’t, which explains why she moved on to Alex Rodriguez—ew. Justin found his "Pusher Lover Girl" in Jessica Biel. As jealous as I am of her, I totally approve. She is classy, beautiful, sporty, and fun - perfect for JT. I guess that until he finds me, she will have to do.

Justin Timberlake has aged better than a fine wine. He has grown from a teenage pop star to a strong, respectable, and incredibly talented man. He isn’t just good for the pop-hit anymore; JT soothes our hearts when they’re hurting with his emotional songs, he makes us want a friend with benefits, and provides the perfect beat to jam to on any occasion. We savor his songs and see him not as that singer with the cute, curly, blonde hair, but as the powerhouse who knows how to rock anything from a tofu costume to a suit and tie.


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