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Introducing BC Reads!

Last Spring, senior Christie Wentworth studied abroad in Spain.  She and her friends found that they had a lot of time to read for pleasure, so they started a mini book club where they would exchange and discuss books.  It was through the book swaps that Christie realized just how many Boston College students love to read. She then decided that it would be a great idea to get BC students together to read and make a difference. And thus BC Reads, one of Boston College’s newest clubs, was born.

BC Reads is not your typical book club, in that members are not limited to reading one book per month. Rather, members write reviews on books they have just read and post them on the club’s website. The best part is that you don’t need to be a permanent staff writer to post a review; any BC student can post! If you currently have a book your dying to talk about, post a review here. BC reads is also working with Cindy Jones, the Course Reserve Supervisor in O’Neill, to promote reading for pleasure on campus. Over the past month, Ms. Jones has dedicated the PopReading section of O’Neill (located on the 3rd floor near the entrance) to books that have been reviewed on BC Read’s website. Make sure to check it out next time you take a much needed study break in O’Neill!

The club also has an awesome service component. Members participate in the Share Aloud program at St. Columbkille. When the students at St. Columbkille were reading To Kill a Mockingbird, sophomore Hallie Sullivan spoke to them about Social Justice. BC Reads also partnered with the Boston College Bookstore and Better World Books for a book drive last Fall.

For all those interested, BC Reads will be hosting a “Creative Reading Night” on April 18th from 7-9 PM in the O’Connell House.

“We are looking for students and faculty members who have either written a short story or a poem and want to read it! Also, if anyone is interested in reading the work of one of their favorite writers we would also love you to share!” Said sophomore Christine Degenaars. Christine will be the Director of Marketing and Campus Outreach for BC Reads next year. Sign up here

“This is a great way to express yourself,” added Hallie Sullivan, next year’s director of publicity.

The event is open to everyone, whether or not you want to get up and read. There will also be free pizza! This is a great way to meet new people and hear some original work written by BC students and staff, or even a favorite writer! This will be BC Reads first major event, so make sure you clear your calendar on April 18th and head to Creative Reading Night!






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