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Inspired to Run: Other Races Around the U.S.

After the events of this year’s Marathon Monday, I saw some things that were unforgettable and horrific, but I also saw some things that were inspiring.  I saw a nation coming together for one city on a day when we are supposed to be celebrating with friends and family.  This has inspired me to participate in a race.  Here are some races around the country you can participate in.  Many of them are fun, group-oriented, and located in big cities; regardless of the details, there are plenty of races available that inspire me to run for Boston.


Boston Urban Iditarod

Get together 4-6 of your friends and participate in an urban adventure, shopping cart race, costume party, bar crawl, talent contest that is 3.5 miles long!  In addition to having a fun time around Boston, all proceeds go to The Boston Medical Food Pantry. For more information, check out www.bostonurbaniditarod.com.


Walt Disney World Marathon

This marathon takes you through all four theme parks in the happiest place on Earth!  No matter what place you finish in, all participants get a Mickey Medal!  If a full marathon is a bit too much, there are many other races going on during the weekend such as the Half Marathon, Goofy Race and a Half Challenge, Family Fun Run 5k, and the Dopey Challenge.


Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series

With 26 locations in the United States, and 7 outside of the United States, you are sure to find a great city to run in!  Along the race route you will find live bands, cheerleaders, and themed water stations.  One city that is known to have a crazy race is Las Vegas!  For more information, check out http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/usa .


Run for Your Lives

Test your speed, strength, and endurance through miles of man-made and natural obstacles – all while being chased by zombies.  These runs are in several cities, including one in New England every year.  If you make it to the end, you can celebrate at an Apocalypse Party with live bands, a DJ, food, and beer!  For more information, check out www.runforyourlives.com.


Krispy Kreme Challenge

2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour.  This annual challenge in Raleigh, North Carolina tests both your physical fitness and endurance as you run 2.5 miles, then eat a dozen doughnuts, and then finish it off with running another 2.5 miles.  All proceeds from the race are donated to North Carolina Children’s Hospital.   If Krispy Kremes aren’t your thing, there are also Twinkie, hot dog and pizza races you can find.  For more information, be sure to check out www.krispykremechallenge.com .


The Empire State Building Run-Up

You can test your endurance in this straight up race.  This annual race in NYC includes 1,576 stairs to get to the top of this monumental building.  You would need to do a lot of preparing with the Million Dollar Stairs to complete this tower race!  For more information about the race, check out www.nyrr.org .


Hot Chocolate 15/5K

Take part in America’s Sweetest Race with over 15 locations throughout the United States.  There are both 15K and 5K races, and at the finish line starts a Post-Race Party with music, a family friendly kid-zone (complete with bounce houses and games), and a finisher’s mug filled with hot chocolate, chocolate fondue, and tasty dippable treats!  For more information, be sure to check out www.hotchocolate15k.com .


Although I am not a runner, I am inspired to participate in a race.  The unity, strength and perseverance required for any race is reflective of the people of our nation.  No matter where you are, how far you run or how fast you run, nobody can stop us from crossing the finish line.  I am ready to lace-up my sneakers and run for Boston.


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Meghan Gibbons is a double major in Communications and Political Science in her senior year at Boston College. Although originally from New Jersey, she is a huge fan of all Boston sports! Along with her at Boston College is her identical twin, who she always enjoys playing twin pranks with. Meghan is a huge foodie, book worm and beach bum
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