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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

There are just way too many things to do and not enough hours in the day leading up to finals. All we want is a break but that is not what we can have for about another week. The worst thing to be asked during this time is just how stressed you are. This is how we all feel based on level of stressed (1-10 with 1 being mildly stressed) 


Stress Level 1: still feeling pretty with it… just wanting to get away from the stress 

sanity level: 9/10 

Stress Level 2: feeling like you have to get awayyyy in order to feel better (slightly irritable but totally still with it) 

Sanity Level: 7.5/10 (easily angered but still doing alright) 

Stress Level 3: feeling pretty unamused…realizing that you are starting to get stressed and being kind of afraid of how stressed you’ll be by the end of the week. Maybe smiling will mask the stress?? 

Sanity level: 5/10 (just really not being sure of how to feel or if this stress will get better or a lot worse…) 

Stress Level 4: still slightly in denial but now you know that you are definitely stressed… and that finals are actually approaching… and that you actually have to ace _____ class with a _____% so you don’t do poorly… eek… 

Sanity Level: 4/10 (feeling super fragile and it’s not even funny anymore this is crunch time) 

Stress Level 5: really feeling the stress and being annoyed because its so inconvenient like why can’t finals be peaceful and why did I choose NOT to read for the last few weeks of class…. ugh 

Sanity Level: 3/10 (feeling really fragile at this point and being sick and tired of doing work and knowing that finals haven’t even started) 

Stress Level 6: *takes one exam* *feels so tired before it* *cries because there’s so much more left to do*

Sanity Level: 2/10 tears are being shed

Stress Level 7: this happens around exam 2… same old same old study study study exam repeat cycle starting here… 

Sanity Level: 1.5/10 (morale is REALLY low and studying just just so boring and exhausting) 

Stress Level 8: Feeling really angry that it’s finals, that you can’t sleep, that you don’t enjoy your coffee anymore because you NEED it… and really mad that some profs just have to have a really hard exam…. 

Sanity Level: 1/10 (feeling like anything can push you over the edge) 

Stress Level 9: SUPER stressed…. almost done with finals but also it just feels SO far …. 

sanity level: 0 …. 

Stress Level 10: the end…. one more exam feels like 50 and you are just SO done

Sanity Level: -5/10 






















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