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The Importance of Having a Bucket List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

When I was a freshman, one of my upperclassmen friends told me to not only start making my BC bucket list as soon as possible, but also to start doing the things on the bucket list. I took her advice and started making one; however, I didn’t actually start doing things on it and I didn’t touch it again until this past summer. As a freshman, I had my whole college experience ahead of me and I felt that I had plenty of time to do the extensive list of things I wanted to do in and around Boston. I wanted to experience life at BC and take advantage of all the opportunities available here on campus. Like most of us, I got caught up in the BC bubble and found myself getting off campus only when my friends and I would get dinner in the city every now and then.


After returning home from studying abroad in Rome during the spring semester, it dawned on me that I had done way more in Rome in one semester than I had done in Boston in two and half years. I revisited my freshman year bucket list and realized how much I still wanted to do in Boston. I also realized that my bucket list was missing quite a few places/events that I had learned about during my time here. After updating my bucket list, I was overwhelmed to say the least. I had no idea how I could possibly fit in all the things I wanted to do on my bucket list in addition to everything else I knew I would have on my plate senior year. However, before shipping up to Boston for the last time, I decided that I was going to find a way to fit it all in. Ever since I came back to BC at the end of the August, I’ve been crossing things off my bucket list one by one and I’ve surprisingly made quite a bit of progress so far. I still have a long way to go, but I am confident that I will finish it by the time graduation rolls around in May.

To any freshmen reading this, don’t only make a bucket list, but start on it NOW. You’ll thank yourself by the time you’re a senior. If you’re a sophomore or junior, you still have time left; just make sure you get started as soon as possible! Boston is an amazing city with such a rich history and atmosphere; get out there and experience it! Yes, you may end up staying in Boston after graduation, but if you don’t, it would be a shame to attend school here for four years and not experience any of what Boston has to offer. Even if you do stay in Boston, however, you won’t be able to participate in any of the unique activities and events that BC has to offer such as BC Arts Fest or any of the amazing lectures/ talks around campus.

I know firsthand that it is incredibly easy to get caught up in the BC bubble and get stuck in the same routine week after week. BC’s motto is work hard, play hard and we’ve certainly perfected it. However, there is so much more to life here at BC and in Boston; don’t let the BC bubble solely define your BC experience. Most of my favorite moments while in college haven’t been at dorm parties on campus but at some of the unique events/places at BC or in Boston such as Pops on the Heights, A Capella Fest, Head of the Charles, or Spectacle island, just to name a few.


My BC/Boston bucket list is rather extensive, but here are a few items to get you started:

·      Take a Capstone

·      Attend Homecoming/ The Annual Boat Cruise/ Annual Ball

·      Walk the Freedom Trail

·      Go to Head of the Charles

·      Go to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the South End

·      Go to the MFA (and First Friday at the MFA after you turn 21)

·      Go to a Red Sox/ Celtics/ Bruins game

·      Visit Salem during October

·      Take a weekend trip to Cape Cod with friends

·      Visit one or more of the Boston Harbor Islands

·      Go ice skating at Frog Pond

·      Go on the Sam Adam’s/ Harpoon Brewery Tours

Just remember, start now, customize your bucket list to what you and your friends enjoy, and make concrete plans for when you will actually do things, otherwise it will never happen. Good luck and enjoy!




Meghan Gibbons is a double major in Communications and Political Science in her senior year at Boston College. Although originally from New Jersey, she is a huge fan of all Boston sports! Along with her at Boston College is her identical twin, who she always enjoys playing twin pranks with. Meghan is a huge foodie, book worm and beach bum