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How to Tackle Your Major Courses

So, it’s sophomore or junior year of college, and the time to take your major courses has arrived. As you embark on this new task, you may feel a mix of emotions. Excitement, stress, and even uncertainty. You may even find yourself ignoring some of your liberal arts courses to focus solely on your major courses. So, how do you balance this whirlwind of confusion? I’m not completely positive. BUT, I do have some tips and pointers.

First, try to remain calm. I know it may feel a bit discouraging when you don’t understand a topic being taught in class. After all, this is YOUR major, right? Wrong. The material you’re being exposed to, in most cases, is brand new! Therefore, you may not grasp everything right away, but if you study hard, you’ll persevere. Also, do not feel like you are alone. I know it seems like everyone else in class is flourishing, but chances are they are having the same exact doubts as you!

Second, do NOT ignore your other courses to focus solely on your major courses. If you have a 300-page philosophy book to read for a liberal arts course, do not wait until the day before the test to study the book because you spent the last week getting ahead on your major courses (I’m speaking from personal experience, sadly). Your liberal arts courses may seem tedious, however, they are still just as important as your major courses. Make sure to find a balance among all of your courses that works best for you.

Last, be happy! You have been preparing your whole life to take your major courses. Finally taking your major courses is exciting. You should go to review sessions, office hours, and whatever other resources your class offers in order to grasp the subject well. These courses will shape your professional life, and they will take you far. Remember to always have faith in yourself and to try your best!







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