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How to Procrastinate Productively

Everyone procrastinates, but few people realize procrastination is an artform. It’s fairly common to go through the typical loop of social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – prior to hitting the books. However, it takes a special sort of person to black out for 5 hours and awaken on page 65 of Mugglenet’s archives, unaware of how she got there. It’s with both pride and embarrassment that I confess that this type of mindless procrastination happens way too often in my life. Through the years I’ve gotten better at what I like to call “productive procrastination,” also known as procrastination without guilt. Here’s a few ways to procrastinate productively:

1. Do your laundry.
When it comes down to doing schoolwork or doing my laundry, laundry will always win out. It has to get done sometime, right? Unfortunately, there’s usually “not enough time” in between loads to get work done, or so I tell myself while I turn on a convenient 40 minute episode of Grey’s Anatomy while my clothes are in the washer.

2. Go eat/cook/bake.
Oh no, some of the food you bought at Star Market is going to go bad soon! The only solution must be that you should stop all homework, head immediately to your Edmonds kitchen, and proceed to make a five course meal for your roommates! If you’re an underclassmen, go treat yourself to a nice, long and romantic dinner in Mac with your friends. If you’re lucky it will be ABBA night!

3. Spend some quality time with your closet.
Get organized and clean up your closet and drawers. You can also plan your outfits for every day of the week. I will inevitably end up running around my room, getting my stuff together minutes before class begins, but at least I’ll be well-dressed.

4. Take an online shopping break.
This “break” can easily slide into blackout procrastination territory, so it’s better if you go in with a purpose. Maybe your roommate’s birthday is coming up in five months or you don’t have enough sweaters to combat the lowering temperatures; these are the pressing issues that need your attention, not homework.

5. Make an extensive To-Do list, feel organized and awesome, and then maybe do it.

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