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How to Prep for Finals Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

With the long Thanksgiving Weekend behind us, we look forward to the next break when we can finally take a real breather. Just a few weeks separate us from this highly anticipated time off from the chaos that is college. This is both promising and very stressful; promising because the real break is within reach, yet stressful when we think of all that has to be accomplished in such a short time.

I always find that reading through tips on getting organized for finals when I am gearing up for the big week is extremely helpful. So, I’ve put together some tips to not only keep in mind, but actually follow through on to help you all prep for finals the right way!

1.)  Catch those Zzzzz’s!

We hear it all the time, but getting enough sleep leading up to finals week and during the actual exam period is so important! During the time we are asleep, our brains compile all of the learning that occurred during the day. That means that you may spend all day in the library studying, but it is not until you are asleep that the real learning occurs. Maximize your study-time by making sure you are getting adequate sleep. This means 7-8 hours a night.  Plus, no one wants to be that person sniffling during an exam. Avoid those glaring eyes from your neighbor during your Econ exam by catching as many Zzzzz’s as you can!

2.)  Keep a To-Do List and Follow It

This is one of the easiest tips to utilize. I’m sure that all of us BC students know how to properly write a to-do list. It’s pretty basic: put the most important items at the top and work your way down. Prioritizing is a must! Make sure to add items into your to-do list that you are actually looking forward to. For instance, take a break from all your schoolwork and schedule 30 minutes into your day to make some Christmas cookies. Not only will they make your off-campus house smell delicious, but they will also take your mind off the stress of the 10-page research paper you’ve been working on for the past few hours. The most important part of a to-do list is actually following it! Stick to the things that have to get done that day and make it your goal to cross them off the list.

3.)  Don’t Give Up on Your Healthy Lifestyle

Stress-eating. It’s hard to avoid, especially during the busy month of December.  =But eating the wrong foods, like fast food and more processed foods, will not give you the power and energy you need to tackle your crazy schedule. Try your hardest to stick to a plant-focused diet, with lean protein, and complex carbs to keep you most energized throughout your day. Just because schedules are more full and time seems more crunched, does not mean abandoning your healthy eating schedule is the right answer. Plan your time around eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, and stick to this plan accordingly. Also, exercise lets our bodies release the stress that is built up over time. Utilize your workouts to release the stress that has been hovering over your head, all while energizing your body. Moving helps wake the brain up and during finals we need our brains to be awake!

4.)  Create a Study Schedule Early

Plan, plan, plan… plan out your time! We only have a few weeks left and during that limited time, we must maximize how and where we spend our energy. By allotting time for studying, socializing, and relaxing, you should see a balance between all of the places your energy is being spent.  

5.)  “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” –Mark Twain

Start getting things done early. In fact, stop reading this article and get down to work now. Just by getting your title page done or opening the assignment to read through everything will help. When in doubt, remember Mark Twain’s quote!

I wish all of my fellow BC Eagles the best of luck in preparing for finals! Remember, once we get through this jam-packed time we have three weeks off to relax, sleep, hang with friends from home, and eat as many Christmas cookies as we can. Good luck and happy studying!


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Shannon is currently in her junior year at BC.  She is majoring in Elementary Education and English, hoping to one day teach in an urban school.  Originally from Hopkinton, MA, one of Shannon's favorite things to do is tell people that her hometown is the start of the Boston Marathon - it's claim to fame!  In her free time, you can find Shannon cuddled up somewhere with her adorable giraffe-spotted mug.
Niloufar is a senior at Boston College, majoring in French and English.