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How to Power Through Finals Season

It’s that time of year again… and we are probably feeling as unprepared as ever. We’re all waiting for summer, but dreading finals which stands between us. Finals week is so high stress and full of lots of coffee, late nights, and a few meltdowns. Here’s how to have a good finals experience this semester:

  1. Go easy on the coffee! Personally, I like the taste of coffee (I also like how it helps me wake up), but know that you really shouldn’t be drinking it all day or all night long. Drink water with coffee too because there’s nothing worse than a dehydration headache while you’re trying to study.

  1. Choose sleep! This is the time to start planning ahead (I know it’s extra…and seems completely unnecessary), but making a study schedule and sticking to it will prevent those late nights and all-nighters because if you have five exams, you really shouldn’t be pulling five all-nighters. Choose sleep: your body will thank you.

  1. Make study incentives. Whether it’s treating yourself to Starbucks or telling yourself you can go to White Mountain after studying for a few hours, find a way to reward yourself and let yourself have a break every now and then. Even though its tempting to just study for several hours straight, it’s important to take a little break in between (or even getting some time outside!)

  1. Eat well! When you’re sitting around studying for so long, its easy to “forget to eat” or get too lazy to go up and get a good meal. Try to eat well and power your brain so that you can have long term energy to keep chugging along during finals week. Eat your meals like you normally do and don’t skimp on meals just because you want to sit and study for longer.

  1. Choose health. We are all in the same boat when it comes to being stressed out during this time of year. Try to be encouraging; keep an eye out for other people and check in on friends if you think they are more stressed than usual. Be humble and try not to be annoying about studying or being overconfident around someone who may not feel as prepared. Choose to be healthy about your stress; take breaks, talk about it, take time to see your friends, and try to keep a normal routine during this week!

Best of luck on finals!

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