How to Have a Great Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to reconnect with your family, enjoy lots of delicious food, and recognize what you’re thankful for in life. But it’s not just a time for family, it’s also a time for friendship. Before leaving for home, why not have a “friendsgiving” where you get together with a bunch of your friends and enjoy a nice big meal. Your friends are basically your family, too. Here are some ways to throw a great Friendsgiving.

1. Decide who brings what


This is probably the hardest part because everyone has to find time to bring a dish. But, it’s also the best part because you’ll get such an array of different foods. Plus, because it’s at school, you won’t get the traditional Thanksgiving food; you’ll get an eclectic mix of foods which will make the meal all the more exciting.


2.  Create fun games


Don’t make this the typical group hangout, make it a special day. Because it’s a special day, then try to come up with festive things to do. For example, maybe everyone can say a funny memory of moment about something your friend group did, and that’s how you’re passed a certain dish of food. Maybe come up with something more exciting if that’s how you want to roll. It’s really up to, but make it something that you’ll remember.

3. Don’t make it like a formal Thanksgiving


Friendsgiving is all about hanging out with your friends. Don’t make it too much like the Thanksgiving you have with your family; it’s supposed to be less pressure. You don’t even need a big turkey if you’re celebrating out of a dorm, just bring easy and convenient foods.


Whatever you decide to do with your friends for Friendsgiving, make it count. It’s a great time to enjoy a nice meal that everyone was a part of. You’ll grow closer to your friends, create new memories, and honestly stuff yourselves to exhaustion. Friendsgiving is fun because it has all the positive aspects of a regular Thanksgiving without any of the stress.