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How to Catch Up with Friends from Home

With summer right around the corner, it’s easy to procrastinate by planning out fun things to do when you get home. Whether it’s taking a weekend trip or just tanning at the beach, thinking of these plans can definitely make these last months more manageable. But, we collegiettes are super busy, so you may have lost touch with some friends from home along the way. Don’t worry, though, it’s not too late to reconnect with those familiar faces! Here are some ways to catch up with your friends from home before summer rolls in:

1. Talk on the phone

Texting is obviously easier, but there’s something about picking up the phone that makes the conversation feel much more real. It is easy to forget a text or let the conversation drop, but you can’t really do that over the phone. Set a time where you both can take a few minutes to sit down and really catch up.

2. Go through old memories

Nothing is better than remembering great times from last summer! Share a picture on your friend’s wall from one of your past adventures to let them know that you can’t wait to do something fun like that again. On a site like Facebook, other friends may see it, too, and want to join in!

3. Tell them about your life on campus

It is so much harder to try to keep up with stories when you don’t know anyone the other person is talking about. Help your friend care about your life here by reminding them who your roommates and friends are, so they can care about your stories. Be sure to extend the same courtesy by making sure you know who they’re talking about.

4. Plan a trip

I know there are only so many weekends left and you probably want to spend them in the BC bubble, but you might want to try to plan a trip to visit some friends who you really haven’t seen in a while. You can also invite them to BC as well! We all know no one can truly appreciate the Mods until they see them in real life.

Although there is really no formula to making a friendship last, these tips might help. It is normal to lose a few friendships throughout college, but if someone is really important to you, it’s good to let them know!


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