How to be Less Anxious for Exams

We all know the struggle of the end of September early October when exams are creeping into each week. It can be difficult to cope with the pressure of multiple exams at once, believe me I know. There’s anxiety even just thinking about having to study, not to mention continuing to do your homework for other classes on top of it all. There’s no perfect way for everyone to get rid of their exam anxiety, but hopefully these tips will help you cope with it so that you’re even just a little bit less stressed.


Create a study schedule

Procrastination is possibly the worst thing for exam anxiety because it just increases your stress level every day. Everyone is guilty of it, just don’t make it a habit. Try writing down an hour here or 30 minutes there where you can review your notes or skim the readings. Even if you don’t remember it all, simply making yourself a study schedule can help relieve some of your anxiety.


Go for a walk outside

It may be getting chillier, but studies show that exercising after studying can help you retain the information better. Going outside for a walk around the block with some friends, or taking a jog around the reservoir can also get you feeling better mentally. Being in nature can actually calm you down and help you relax. It might not permanently take away your anxiety, but going outside can temporarily help your mental state which is really important.


Study with a friend

You may say that you prefer to study alone because you get distracted with others around, which is totally valid. But at some point during your studying try meeting up with a friend in your class or someone who knows the material. It can be really helpful getting another person’s insights on what you’re learning, and talking out problems can help you solve them better than if you were alone. Plus, being in the company of someone else can help you deal with the pressures you’d put on yourself if you were alone, hopefully releasing some of that tension.


Find a relaxing activity

This may seem obvious but sometimes we forget to go out and enjoy ourselves when we have mountains of anxiety piling up inside of us. Yes, there may be tons of studying we have to do, and yes we may feel guilty for spending time other than studying. But, it’s also important to realize that taking a break is good. It’s good for our mental state, and in turn it is good for our physical state because often anxiety and stress cause problems such as tight necks, tense shoulders, and back aches. Releasing some of this tension through a relaxing activity, like yoga or soccer, can help you focus when you’re actually studying.


Yes exams are stressful, especially the time leading up to actually taking them. But, if you figure out a way to deal with the anxiety surrounding them, you’ll most likely do better in the long run. Anxiety is something that won’t go away, but it can be managed. Learning to cope with exam anxiety is an individual experience, so try to find what works best for you.