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How to Avoid (Most of) the Stairs on Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

The dreaded Million Dollar Stairs… I mean, those stairs are really a workout in itself. If you aren’t looking to sweat before you walk into class, here’s how to avoid them.

From Lower campus, walk into Maloney Hall and go past Hillside to the elevators. Take the elevator up to the fourth floor. BUT WAIT. Once you walk out of Maloney and into the back of O’Neill, there are more indoor stairs. To avoid those, walk through the side door of O’Neill and follow the signs to the elevator. Take the elevator up to the fourth floor and you’re golden, no sweat before class.

The stairs across from Robsham are also a struggle – probably the second most dreaded staircase next to the Million Dollar Stairs. To avoid these, take the parking garage elevator up to the top. Easy-peasy. The garage elevator can also come in clutch for the days when you don’t feel like squeezing into the packed Maloney elevators.

If you lived on Upper Freshman year or you live there now, you probably know how under-rated the stairs are. After walking back from Main campus, the last thing you want to do is hike more stairs. Here’s how to get around them: instead of going straight up the stairs, take a left down Beacon Street (the main road) and walk down to Tudor Road (on your right). Tudor will take you to the back of Xavier Hall. With this detour, you get a nice scenic route through the surrounding residential area, and you don’t have to break a sweat before you enter the un-air conditioned freshman dorms!

If you really hate stairs and don’t even want to walk up the ones on Main campus, there are a few ways around them. There are only two steps in between Gasson and Devlin, but if you are feeling super lazy, you can take a left when you walk out of O’Neill (after taking the elevator of course) and then take a right when approaching Devlin. There’s also a small staircase under the Stokes Bridge. To avoid that, walk into Stokes North and take the elevator up to the second floor and walk out the back – there’s a ramp. If you’re really craving Addie’s, but you’re dreading walking up the spiral staircase, there’s an elevator near the bathrooms in Lower.

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Molly is a senior at Boston College studying Communication and Political Science. She is currently a Campus Corespondent for Her Campus BC and is looking forward to writing articles! She loves to travel, hangout with her friends, and go on adventures. Her mantra is "If you are always trying to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you can be" - Maya Angelou.