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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Have you ever taken a walk down College Road and wonder what all those houses with the names above their doors are? Well wonder no more! This article will give you the function and purpose behind each house.


The Manresa House exists to help members of the Boston College community to work through some of life’s more difficult questions – particularly those of purpose and vocation.

Bowman Ahana House

The Bowman Ahana House services the needs of all students, with a particular focus on AHANA, Multicultural and Multi-ethnic students. Whether it is meeting with a college counselor regarding your academic success or getting involved in leadership activities on campus, they have open doors.

Brock House

The Brock House is the office of the Service Center for the Division of Mission and Ministry. It is also the headquarters to one of their departments, Montserrat Program.

Bourneuf House

The Bourneuf House is home to the division of University Mission and Ministry

Donaldson House

The Donaldson House is home to the Boston College Policies and Procedures’ General Council.

Rahner House

The Rahner House is home to the Center for Student Formation. The Rahner House is the office on campus which runs programs like Halftime, Freshmen League, 10:02, and their newest program, Ascend. They also do a number of collaborations with other offices on campus to help bring about student formation at Boston College. For a complete description and list of the Rahner House’s programs, visit www.bc.edu/formation.

Faber House

Faber House is the home of the Jesuit Institute, which is principally a research institute dedicated to faculty who work on projects/studies/seminars around the issue of faith and culture in the broadest sense.

Heffernan House

The Heffernan House is home to the Vice President & University Secretary’s office – Fr. Terrence Devino, S.J.; Vice President and Special Assistant to the President – Fr. William Neenan, S.J.; and The Church in the 21st Century Center. If you have not had the chance to meet these amazing Jesuits, I suggest you stop by and have a conversation with one of them: you will not regret it!

Hopkins House

The Hopkins House is home to the office of the University Historian. The Office of the University Historian is the place where people come to make inquiries concerning various aspects of BC’s institutional history, as well as its historical relationship with the Greater Boston community. To learn more about what the Hopkins House does, visit their Services page.

Lawrence House

Lawrence House is home to two different offices – The Presidential Scholars Program and the Office of Emergency Management. The Presidential Scholars Program is a university-wide, co-curricular honors, leadership and merit scholarship program. The Office of Emergency Management works to prepare Boston College for disasters and large scale emergencies by working with students, faculty and staff across the university to create a culture of preparedness.  For more information on the Office of Emergency Management and how you can be better prepared for an emergency, visit www.bc.edu/emergency or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


Now that you know these houses are not just random residents of Chestnut Hill who are eager to be as close to BC as possible, but “homes” to important services, foundations and faculty members here at BC, do not hesitate to knock on any of their doors. Many have an open door policy and are looking for students to stop by. It is always nice to be a friendly neighbor!


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