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Holiday Things We Miss Out On While At School

Every year when December rolls around (and I know I’m not alone on this), I can’t help but wish I had the chance to spend a little more time at home soaking in the Christmas cheer. The most obvious reason is that I really wish I didn’t have to take finals, but spending the Christmas season with your family is nothing short of wonderful. While we’re here basking in the horror that is finals season, everyone at home is basking in Christmas cheer. Here is what we miss out on while being at school during the holiday season:


1. Decorating the Christmas tree (and enjoying it)

Although this year (with such a late Thanksgiving), I was lucky enough to be at home and decorate the tree with my family. This is usually one of my favorite things about Christmas that I miss out on. While I’m just starting that 25-page paper, I’m receiving pictures from my family members bragging about how good the tree looks. The tiny dorm tree doesn’t really make up for it. And I only get to appreciate it for those few days between coming home and celebrating Christmas. Clearly, I’m bitter about this…

2. Baking sugar cookies or other Christmas treats

Even though it is possible to enjoy some Christmas treats (if you’re an upperclassmen/have a full kitchen), nothing beats baking Christmas cookies with all the fun cookie cutters with your family. You can’t deny you’re looking forward to cooking with all the luxuries of your own kitchen.

3. Being in a (tastefully) decorated space

Don’t get me wrong, we decorated our Mod. It does not look great. We have a string of completely weird colored lights strung haphazardly around the top of the main area. When I get home, my mom has cute Christmas decorations with poinsettias trailing the hallway and a garland wrapped around the banister.


4. The holiday cheer

Of course listening to Christmas music helps bring us the holiday cheer, but it’s hard to fully appreciate the season while stressing over finals. O’Neill isn’t exactly the backdrop I think of when picturing myself reveling in all the happiness that is the Christmas season. I look forward to getting home, watching Christmas movies, and drinking hot chocolate with nothing looming on my horizon except opening presents on Christmas morning.


One thing we can do at school, though, is take advantage of all the Christmas events and tree lightings that Boston has to offer! Escaping to the city can stir the Christmas cheer. Is there anything else you miss? Leave HCBC a comment below.


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