Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holiday season coming so soon, we are all in a rush to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. Whether its secret Santa, gifts for roommates, or family, its always difficult to find something for everyone on your list! Here are some ideas to make your holiday shopping a little easier:

1. Mugs!

These are great to give to a bunch of people because they are rather inexpensive and something that's practical (and very useful)! You could also fill mugs with candy, pencils or pens, coffee beans, tea, or another gift (gift cards, small wallet, socks). Tie it all together with a Christmas bag and a bow and you have a perfect gift! Adding an initial makes it seem more personalized even if you give the same thing to a bunch of people.

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2. Agenda

Lilly Pulitzer agendas are so useful for your very organized friend. They're super cute and can be thrown in any backpack of purse. Help your friends bring in the new year with style and organization! This would be a good gift to give as a secret Santa gift. If you buy it in stores, they can wrap it up for you too! Write fun notes in it for future dates so that your friends can be reminded of you as they use it during the new year!

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3. Scrunchies!

Free People has the cutest scrunchies that are perfect for stocking stuffers. These are also rather inexpensive but, very cute. Perfect for giving to roommates, groups of friends, or adding it as part of a gift (maybe put it in the mug!), you can get a bunch and give them to many people (and maybe keep one for yourself!!)

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4. Passport Cover

As people go abroad (or travel a lot!) its always a cute and thoughtful idea to keep their future travels in mind! Giving a passport cover is a perfect way to give someone a useful gift (it gets hard when everyones passport look the same, so give them a cute cover to make them recognize their passport without looking inside).

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5. Beanie

This beanie is a perfect cold weather gift to give to your friend who loves winter. Also perfect for a secret santa gift, theres no way you can go wrong by gifting a cute hat to wear when it starts to get really cold. (there is also a matching scarf available online!)

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Happy shopping!