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Herzlich: Best Comeback Player of the Year

Our very own Mark Herzlich gives BC collegiettes™ one more reason to love him!  At this year’s ESPY Awards, (“Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award” for those of you like myself, who had no idea what it stands for), Herzlich walked away with the Best Comeback Player of the Year.  “Winning the ESPY was really a surprise and a great one at that,” said Herzlich.

 A week before the show, Herzlich received a phone call inviting him to Los Angeles as a nominated athlete.  Upon arrival, he was informed that he was indeed this year’s Best Comeback Player award winner.  With the hilarious Seth Meyers hosting this year’s extravaganza, other winners included “Title Town” Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas for Best Championship Performance and “The Fighter” for Best Sports Movie. 

Determination and will to live up to his dream of playing in the NFL became an attribute that every BC student came to admire during his final season on campus.  In May 2009, Herzlich was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.  The chance of beating cancer, let alone, play football again seemed like a long shot.
BC students took the initiative to support Herzlich during this time.  The black eye face paint with a #94 became a distinguishable symbol at every football game.  “Beat Cancer” could be seen everywhere, on banners, and posters, but most importantly, on BC Superfans.  After announcing that he was cancer free, Herzlich returned in 2010 to play his last season as BC’s star linebacker.

Herzlich’s drive to keep fighting for his dream was finally rewarded this summer.  After an endless NFL lockout that lasted over four and a half months, Herzlich was drafted to the New York Giants.  “Decision is made I will be a #GIANT can’t wait to get to NYC. Thank you for everything,” he announced via Twitter.
Mark Herzlich’s journey became one that inspires us all. He beat one of the toughest opponents that any person could ever face and achieved his dream of playing professional football.  “There are injuries all the time or illnesses or fatigue,” said Herzlich, “but if you keep the dream alive, there is always hope.”
Congratulations on your ESPY and draft selection Mark!  Now the only question is, whom will we cheer for when the Giants face off against the Patriots?

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Melanie is a senior at Boston College. 
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