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Hello! Welcome to my room! Yes, it is always this organized (okay maybe not so much, this was a great excuse for me to clean and organize everything). In case you cannot tell, I love navy, pink, and gold, so please excuse how matchy everything is in my room. 

I have a relatively simple bedspread that I dressed up with old throw pillows from last year, and my pink monogram above my bed adds color as well.


My room is my favorite place to unwind, and I love that I created such a cozy space to relax and hang out. My small book collection is near my head because I like to think that sometimes I read instead of binge watching Friends, although usually, that means leafing through the Kate Spade coffee table book.


Since we live in a double for another year and don’t have a common room, my roommate and I got this organizational unit as a cute TV stand, where we store food and plastic cups of a certain color.

My desk is my favorite part of my room because that is where I keep most of my pictures and my jewelry. I use a ribbon board so that I can change the pictures as often as I want, and I used a hanging display to hold my (excessive) necklace collection (tip: use wall space for things like this: you have more wall space than free desk space!). My friend painted the gold Massachusetts sign for me, and the Audrey Hepburn canvas was one of many impulse Etsy buys.


Hope you all enjoyed a sneak peek of my room! I spent a lot of time decorating and it is exactly what I want it to be.

See, Coro can be cute! :)



Jackie is a freshman at Boston College studying Communication and Economics. She can be found spending time with her Little Sister, watching Audrey Hepburn movies and working on her blog. She is a jewelry addict and is a Merchandiser for a jewelry company.
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