Happy International Moment of Laughter Day!

We are all guilty of getting in that Monday mood, when the weekend seems so far away and we are already nostalgic of the past two mornings when we could sleep in. Especially this Monday, when Easter break is on the horizon and we are so close to a much-anticipated Marathon Monday, you may be feeling particularly despondent. Well STOP with the SADNESS, because today, April 14th is International Moment of Laughter Day! Yes, there is a holiday for this! As someone who loves to laugh and tries to find any reason to celebrate, I encourage you to embrace today with a positive spirit. Try to bring a smile to at least one person’s face, watch a movie you know always makes you laugh or think about some embarrassing moments of your past that make you shake your head and chuckle. Today is not just another manic Monday, but a day of laughter and joy!

In case you are drawing a blank on some funny videos and moments, I have posted a few videos and photos that always get me to smile, even on my down days.

Ridin’ Dirty, Fenway (my pet dog) Style

Whenever I watch this video, I just imagine my dog Fenway, who is a Boston Terrier, riding in on a Roomba like a boss. The funny thing is that my dog really does think he is the master of the house and would do something like this. He approaches Rottweilers on our walks, completely neglecting the size difference between him and them, and makes sure his presence is always known when he enters a room. If the dog doesn’t make you laugh, the actual concept/name of a Roomba is quite comical when you think about it.

A New Take on the Chicken Dance

Some find the show mind-numbing, but personally I find the antics of Honey Boo Boo and her family hilarious. Alana takes “Kids Say the Darnest Things” to another level. In this GIF, you can just remind yourself no matter how bad your dance moves may have been this past weekend in the Mods, they were nothing like this.

Fear of Car Washes

Sometimes we just can't hold in our laughter at another's expense. I realize there is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate and we should always watch that boundary but with this video, we are safe. (Nobody was harmed in the making of this clip) Check out this little boy's reaction to his first car wash ever. Join in on his family's laughter as they know what's going on but the boy thinks the world is coming to an end. 

Kristen Wiig As Harry Styles on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

This video makes me laugh for multiple reasons:

  1. I love Kristen Wiig and think she could be one of the top 10 female comedians out there today (another favorite comedian of mine is featured later in this article).
  2. Jimmy Fallon is also one of my favorite comedians. Jimmy cannot hold his composure and cracks up at one point in the video and seeing a comedian laugh is so enjoyable for me.
  3. Kristen Wiig literally knew nothing about One Direction or Harry Styles besides seeing him all over the tabloids and that girls are obsessed with him.
  4. Improv is hilarious!

Hilarious Headlines

As skilled as journalists are, sometimes they don’t see the double meanings behind some of their headlines. When we flip through our newspapers and scroll through the headlines, we are sure to run across some titles that reckon the thought of, "Well duh!" Here are just a few of the funny headlines I have come across recently:

  • Associated Press: “Porn star sues over rear-end collision”
  • Tulsa World: “One-armed man applauds the kindess of strangers”
  • New York Post: “Statistics show teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25”
  • Associated Press: “Rangers get whiff of Colon” (referring to the pitcher not the body part)
  • The Toronto Star: “Marijuana issue sent to a joint committee”

HCBC Throwback: “Sh*t BC Girls Say”

This Her Campus BC video may be two years old, but it is definitely still relevant in 2014. One part of you wants to laugh because you know you hear plenty of girls say these things, yet another part of you also chuckles on the inside as you recount how ridiculous you must sound when you say these things too!

Ellen Degeneres: The Queen of Pranks

Whether it is scaring Taylor Swift, surprising people in the grocery store, bringing the cutest kids onto her show or giving away hilarious gifts to her celebrity guests (check out what she gave Pharrell last week), Ellen Degeneres always knows how to make me laugh. One of the pranks she commonly features on her show is when she speaks to celebrities through an ear piece when they are in another setting and the celeb must do and say everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, Ellen tells them to. In this video, Ellen talks to Steve Harvey as he is broadcasting one of his shows and I am sure his studio audience was a little perplexed by his odd behavior that day!

At this point in time, I hope there is a smile spread across your face, you have let out a laugh or two, and the Monday blues are out of your system. There are plenty more moments in time that can make you laugh, so don’t let them go by. The best thing to do at this point is share your laughter with others!


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