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Great Websites for Personalized Gifts

I’ve always liked to give gifts more then I liked to get them. I would scour the mall during my middle school days- trying with no avail to find a gift that would properly convey my appreciation and love for family members. I have since made an important discovery that can take any plain gift from drab to fab- and that little secret is MONOGRAMING! 

Monograms are very in vogue right now- especially in the south and sororities but I also see a huge presence here at BC! Here are some of my favorite monograming and personalization websites for you all to keep in mind, as the holiday season gets closer. 

With a plethora of fonts, patterns and colors, Marley Lilly has been my go to monograming website for a little over a year now. I am the proud owner of a few bags and I love their stickers for my laptop! I have also purchased many gifts from ML, all of which were successful. One final plug for Marley Lilly goes to their periodical “Flash Sale”, where for three hours numerous items are on sale!

While many people don’t think about Land’s End when they think of a nice gift for a young adult or college aged student, many of the items available at Land’s End are really good quality and classic (aka not too trendy!). The plain, yet classic style that penetrates through all of Land’s End’s products is perfect for items like tote bags and luggage.

Unlike the other companies, May Designs has a much more specific product; however, will the numerous patterns and colors, the options for these stationary products are possible endless. What I like about their products is that they have different personalization options and a ton of other fonts. Monograms, initials and names can all be found in the over twenty font choices! I think that personalized stationary is a great gift for a recent high school graduate or a student preparing to study abroad (it will encourage them to keep in touch!!) In addition to stationary, May Designs sells planners, notebooks, and journals with add-ins that cover everything from calorie and exercise journaling to a pregnancy “bump diary”. As if you need more encouragement to check out this site- they are also eco-friendly!

My final website find is actually a site that I have not yet ordered from- but I plan to ASAP! Monogram Lane has all of the staples, including jewelry and bags but it also has some unique items specifically for the home! If you are having a party, Monogram Lane has you covered on the personalized utensils. In terms of gift giving, I will definitely be checking out the Home and Décor section for a gift for my mom. Between serving trays, pillows, glasses and even soap, I will have a tough decision to make.

I know that I am going to have so much fun buying gifts this winter- and the bonus is that all of these items can be ordered from your dorm room without venturing out in the cold to Newbury Street or the Chestnut Hill Mall! I’m just going to have to make sure to not buy too many gifts for myself as well!

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