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Go Green: Our 3 Favorite Reusable Water Bottles

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now, the Plex has installed these new nifty water fountains (if you haven’t, then go down and check them out instead of waiting in the never-ending treadmill lines).  The first few times you see them, a slight state of confusion sets in.  “Does the normal part of the drinking fountain work?”  “Do I have to awkwardly crane my neck to the vertical water dispenser?”  “What is that green number actually counting?!”
Well, ladies and gentleman, the mystery has been solved:  these new fountains are the EZH20 by Elkay.  These state-of-the-art fountains focus on three main ideas – “quick, clean, and green.”  The fill rate for a water bottle is “3 times faster than a normal drinking fountain” and the system uses “WaterSentry Plus filters and electronic sensors provides a touchless sanitary operation.”  This allows for a reduction of germs and bacteria that can easily be picked up in the Plex, or in any gym for that matter.

The main component of this fountain is the “green” characteristic.  According to the company Green Bottle, “in the USA alone, we waste nearly 2.5 million plastic water bottles per hour.”  These plastic bottles are full of chemicals that get leaked back into our environment and natural water sources.  The EZH20 helps eliminate the plastic that is being put into our landfills, the energy waste it takes to create a plastic water bottle, and reduces the cost of water for the consumer.  Drinking tap water instead of buying bottled water can save you over $1,000 a year… think of how many draft beers you can buy at Mary Ann’s by using a reusable water bottle!
EZH20 is cool but here comes the AWESOME part… it’s a fabulous reason to buy a REUSABLE water bottle.  The abundance of brands, types, and shapes of reusable water bottles can be overwhelming, so I have broken it down for you.
But first, a few things to remember with any bottle you decide to purchase:  make sure it says “BPA free,” because Bisphenol A’s (BPA) are horrible chemicals that are super toxic and have strong links to causing brain damage and breast cancer.  Also, look for bottles made of stainless steel that are recyclable.  There are so many shapes, sizes, and styles that fit any personality so have fun with it and pick the best fit for your lifestyle. Below are my top three favorites!

1.)   Klean Kanteen:  $16-$20
This line was the first BPA-free stainless steel line of reusable water bottles.  The stainless steel they use is 18/8 food grade, which is safe and toxic free.  The bottles come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes, but my pick is the 18 oz. Classic in prevention purple!  It’s large enough to keep hydration up but small enough to fit in my purse!  For all options visit here!

2.)   EcoUsable ECH2o:  $35-$40
This reusable water bottle is stainless steel and BPA-free, but it also has a unique filtration system that filters tap water as it is put into the bottle.  The top is able to remove up to 99.9 % of pollutants for up to 100 gallons of water.  EcoUsable can also customize their bottles, which is great for clubs, schools, and corporations.  Visit here to order!

3.)   Green Bottle:  $14-$17
This option is a slightly more affordable alternative.  They are still made with the highest quality of 18/8 stainless steel, are BPA free, and are recyclable.  Variations in sizes and colors make it the perfect fit for all different styles.  Visit here to see all the options!


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