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Give Your Eyes a Break and Find the Good News!

Recently I watched a video on Amy Poehler’s Youtube Channel, Smart Girls, called Ask Amy.  In Episode 20, “I Love You Boston,” she spoke about how sometimes our eyes are bombarded with horrible images and it can take a toll on us.  It can be mentally draining.  After Monday’s events, many of us can’t help but constantly watch the news.  We don’t necessarily want to see these images, but it’s almost like we have to.  Amy Poehler gave some good advice.  She said she wonders if we could give our eyes a break.  Her video inspired me to comprise this list of good news blogs.  Give yourself a break from all of the chaos in the world and just focus on the good things for a while.

Feel Good Blogs

Feelgoodblogs.com is actually comprised of six different blogs: The Welcome Home Blog, Fuzzy Feelings, Ring on the Finger, MotherGlow, Piano and Rain, and Mooseclumps.  If you want hours of heart-warming, tear-jerking videos, then you have to check it out!  It’s a smart idea to do this once you’ve finished all of your homework, because from personal experience I can tell you that you will spend hours watching these videos.


Things To Be Happy About

Thingstobehappyabout.com is a website that lists thousands of reasons to be happy.  If you click on the “Happy House,” it gives you over 14,000 reasons to be happy.  You can take a cue from this website and think of two things every day that are reasons to be happy.


Good News Blog

Goodnewsblog.com is essentially an online newspaper that is strictly good news.  Instead of sections such as business and real estate, the sections include charity, animals, heroes, miracles, and community.  Check out this website for current events that are sure to bring a smile to your face.


Good News Network

Goodnewsnewtwork.org is another good news online newspaper that includes a huge variety of current event topics to choose from including sports, business, and celebrities.  The website also has archives that go back over fifteen years ago if you want to check out some good news from the early 2000s.


So give your eyes a break today and check out one of the websites listed above.  If you want to check out Amy Poehler’s “I Love You Boston” video, click here.  Have a great day and remember that there is good in the world!


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Katherine ValentinoSenior in A&S English Major Minor in American Studies, concentration in journalism 
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