Girls' Guide To Football Game Outfits

t’s football season ladies and if you aren't excited about the game, you should at least be excited about your game day outfit! This year game day outfits have been cranked up a notch and if you’re still searching for this week’s perfect look, check out some of the latest game day trends. My favorite way to get inspired for game day fashion is to scroll through the popular page on Instagram. No one knows college fashion better than college girls themselves. I love to check it out to see what my friends are wearing at different schools and incorporate their ideas into my own style.

#1 Reinvent the Tee

This would have to be one of the most popular ways to style your game day top this year. It is simple and extremely affordable. Take an old tee or buy a cheap one at the bookstore and simply make it your own. There are so many tutorials online to cut up your tees in countless ways. I love this trend because it's edgy and you can make a boring top your own.

#2 Keepin’ it Simple

If you're not into the crazy cut up tops or the big jerseys than try keeping your outfit simple. Start with a basic tee; black, maroon or white. Then add some of your favorite accessories to make it your own. Add gold and maroon beads for a little flash or maybe a BC hat. Accessories are a must with this look! This outfit is more casual but can be so cute and easy. My personal favorite part of gameday fashion are accessories because too much is never an option. Accessories are a must with this look because it takes your outfit to the next level.

#3 Flirty Skirts

If you like the preppy look then this style is for you. White and maroon skirts have made a big appearance this year. This flirty look can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how your own personal style. One of my favorite ways to wear these skirts is with some converse sneaks with high top maroon. If you have socks with the BC logo then even better! Jean skirts are also back in style and look great with any fashion sneakers and a cute top tucked in.


#4 T-Shirt Dress

This is probably the easiest outfit there is. Simply grab an oversized and that’s it! Yup, it’s that simple!  One way to dress this up is to cut the neckline or tie a flannel around your waist. This is by far the best way to look like you're trying when you're really just too lazy to put on jeans.

#5 Cute in the Cold

We all know Boston and know that the nice weather won’t last for much longer. So with the night games coming up, we may have to start layering up! One way to do this is a Woolly or a BC sweatshirt and pair it with some overalls. This sounds crazy, but overalls have been everywhere this year and they are so comfy!  Another cute way to stay warm in the cold is to make an old sweatshirt cropped. Pair it with high waisted jeans and some high top converse or booties when it gets really cold!


Hopefully, these tips will help you look your best for game day. Remember to keep it comfy and always accessorize!