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Get Me a Seat on the BC Time Machine

Does senior year have you feeling reminiscent lately? Seeing recent high school grads wandering hopelessly around campus, making you think, “Oh the days of First Year Writing Seminar, full dining plans, and Newton/Sophomore Proms.” If I had a time machine, I would go back in BC time to relive so many awesome experiences.

I would go back to… Stuart late night for some 4-layer grilled cheeses.
Is there really any explanation necessary? Four layers of cheesy goodness, completely worth the icy climb up from Duchesne in January.

I would go back to… Picnic/Lay out in the dustbowl.

I would go back to… Anticipate/brag about studying abroad.
“How was your summer?”
“It was great; I was super busy planning for study abroad, I’m actually leaving for Spain in January… yeahhh should be a good time.”
If only we had known to learn the words to “Danzo Kuduro” ahead of time…

I would go back to… be able to walk to Johnny’s in Newton Centre.
A classic diner with prices perfect for poor college students, I miss being able to walk 10 minutes down the road for a late breakfast on Sundays. And let’s face it, the pancakes are UNREAL.

As with all blasts from the past, there are some things I just wouldn’t want to ever experience again…

I would NEVER go back to… take my science core over again.
As great as Cosmos and Structure of the Universe were, I would love to not have to learn what the different colors of different stars mean.

I would NEVER go back to… wait for the Vandy elevator to stop on every floor.
But really, is it necessary for the elevator to stop on the second, third, fourth, and fifth floors? Come on, people. We’re one of the fittest campuses in the nation for a reason… take the stairs.

I would NEVER go back to… being under 21.
MA’s is totally worth all of that waiting.

I would NEVER go back to… a party in the Fine House.
Honestly, a party in the first floor Carney bathroom would have been cleaner.

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