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Five Top Places to People Watch at BC


It’s that time again.


No one’s quite sure why, no one’s quite sure when, but somehow in the midst of all of our busy lives, they’ve happened.  That’s right… it’s finals week.


While some people may take the lock-yourself-in-Stokes approach, or perhaps the move-into-Bapst technique, many Eagles are on the warpath for something different.  Something greater.  They’re on the prowl for people watching.


Fear not, collegiettes, for we at HerCampus BC are here to help.  Below you can find the five best people watching spots around campus.  Happy “studying”!


1. The High Tables on the Second Level of Lower

If you haven’t experienced people watching from the balcony of Lower, you haven’t lived.  It’s the first class, the five-star, and the crème de la crème of people watching experiences.  The best part?  No one knows you’re doing it.  You’re just eating your lunch; it’s not your fault that your table is strategically placed within a bird’s eye view of the feeding nest.  Creep away, my friends; creep away.


2. The Academic Quad

Underrated during the freezing winter months or perpetual rain of the transition seasons, but when the weather gets nice, there is no better place to observe than the academic quad.  Rush hour on the fifties or fifteens, puppies or dance groups in the spring, the poor souls who seem to never run out of flyers to hand out to their semi-interested peers.  It’s BC in all of its glory, and it’s all yours.



3. Hillside

Now the thing about Hillside is that you have to be okay with being watched before you can do the watching.  You know what I’m talking about: the table prowl.  Like a cheetah on the hunt, it is common for students, young and old, to “casually” circle the seating options fore extended periods of time before finding a place to rest.  Once you have snagged a table, however, the real fun begins. How many people can one fit at a 4-top?  Ten.  Maybe twelve.  How will that couple maintain a conversation while they are both sinking into opposing armchairs almost beyond recognition?  If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be there long enough to find out.


4. Stokes Corridor

The baby of the list, the second floor Stokes corridor is the trendiest new place to people watch.  Comfortable chairs, shelter from the elements, oversized windows?  Who could ask for more?  The trick is getting a seat – but once you do, kick back, prop your feet up on the conveniently placed windowsills, and relax.  If you’re lucky, you might just see a tour group.



5. Wizard of Oz Room

Finally, what would our list be without the Wizard of Oz Room?  For those of you who lack imagination, this room is more formally known as The Powers Atrium.  Still lost?  It’s the big room in Fulton with the two staircases. (Everyone’s with me now?) A hub for perspective families, power suits, and pre-group presentation pep talks, the Wizard of Oz Room offers a new flavor to BC’s people watching scene.  I don’t know about you, but I like that flavor.  I like it a lot. 



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