Finals Survival Kit!

With a new semester starting, it’s hard to imagine how difficult finals were! Our HC BC team was lucky enough to receive a final exam survival kit from Her Campus National to help get us through! The kit contained awesome stuff from Chipotle, Kettle Brand, TRESemmé, BaubleBar, LUNA, Cosabella, Artizia, Chain & Charcoal, CamelBak, the Bayer/Timeline Project, and Cold-EEZE! We all loved our items so much, and they helped us make it through the end of one of the roughest semesters yet, so we decided to share a little information about the products we received!


If you haven't been able to shake your winter cold symptoms, we suggest trying to use Cold-EEZE. It doesn't taste gross like some other medicines do, and it helped some of our members get better in time for their exams!


Twitter: @coldeeze

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Who doesn’t love Chipotle?! Our team was lucky enough to get Buy-One-Get-One-Free cards, so we got to go out to eat with our fellow Collegiettes™ to help relax!


Twitter: @chipotletweets

Instagram: @chipotlemexicangrill



Twitter: @camelbak

Instagram: @camelbak

Pinterest: @camelbak

Kettle Brand

One of the best parts about finals time is that it's an excuse to eat whatever you'd like, because hey, you need the fuel to keep studying! Kettle Brand sent us some delicious chips to fuel our studying! 


Twitter: @KettleBrand

Instagram: @KettleBrand



Twitter: @Tresemme

Instagram: @Tresemme

Chain & Charcoal


Twitter: @chaincharcoal

Instagram: @chainandcharcoal

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BaubleBar sent us some super cute jewelry, including this great bracelet! You can get yours right here! There's nothing like a new accessory to cheer you up after a long day of studying for an exam.


Twitter: @baublebar

Instagram: @baublebar #baublebar


Artizia is a great boutique site that has some of the most fashionable clothing! The Survival Kit had $25 gift cards so we could see what the site had to offer. I have to tell you, it was definitely worth it! The clothes that we all bought are so cute. 


Twitter: @artizia

Instagram: @artizia


LUNA bars are the ultimate power food for any time you need the extra energy to keep going, whether it's with finals, or an extra-difficult workout. We got some of our favorite varieties of LUNA bars in our Survival Kit! 


Twitter: @lunabar

Instagram: @lunabar



Twitter: @ShopCosabella

Instagram: @ShopCosabella

Pinterest: @Cosabella

So next time you're stressed for an exam, try doing what we did for finals, and try some of these awesome products! They're sure to help you relax, stay healthy, and enjoy yourself! 


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