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Easy Summer Health Goals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.


Most of us have probably fallen off the healthy lifestyle bandwagon in the last few weeks as term papers and final exams piled up. We’ve spent more time sedentary in the library than outside or making healthy choices in the dining hall. Here are a few incredibly simple ways to put some nutrition and movement back into your life just in time for summer.


1. Fresh fruits!

Summer is the perfect time to start including more fresh foods in your diet. The nutrients they contain provide your body necessary essentials and help to promote overall health. Potassium in many fruits helps maintain healthy blood pressure and the fiber in many fruits helps with proper bowel function- never a bad thing! Additionally, fiber-containing fruits help you feel fuller on fewer calories. And who doesn’t love some fresh cut watermelon on a summer afternoon!

2. Walk!

Easy and amazing for you. Take your dog out for a morning stroll or ask your family to accompany you on an after dinner walk. Walking after a meal helps internal sugar levels to stay balanced, fending off your dessert cravings. This also provides you the opportunity to get some fresh air and vitamin D. Make sure to apply some spf, even in the evening.


3. Sleep!

Get yourself on a normal and healthy sleep schedule. Without all the craziness of college life, summer is the perfect time to revive your health as you sleep. Hit the sack at a reasonable hour and wake up at a reasonable hour as well. Sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions. It is not about getting “caught up” on sleep, but creating a sleep pattern that works for you and your body.

4. Try a new class!

Summer is also the perfect time to discover what your hometown or the Plex has to offer in fitness classes. If you are nervous to try these like I am, then summer may a great opportunity. With less people here at BC and more people away on vacation, classes may be less crowded, and therefore less daunting and provide for more personalized attention from the instructor. Perhaps you will fall in love with the class and be all ready to join up with one here when you get back to BC in the fall. And don’t forget to ask if there is a discount for college students or new customers!


5. De-stress!

Take the time off from school to clear your head and find yourself again. Read some books, do craft projects, meditate, or finally clean your room from the high school and college collaborative mess that occurs each summer. If you have a long commute, turn off the radio, put the windows down, and enjoy the fresh air every once in awhile. Do whatever works for you and find time to just be with yourself every day. Make sure to take whatever practice you prefer back with you to school next fall.

We hope you try these goals and have a healthy and fun summer!












Meghan Gibbons is a double major in Communications and Political Science in her senior year at Boston College. Although originally from New Jersey, she is a huge fan of all Boston sports! Along with her at Boston College is her identical twin, who she always enjoys playing twin pranks with. Meghan is a huge foodie, book worm and beach bum