The Do's and Don'ts of Black Friday

Black Friday is a day where you are supposed to get good deals and shop 'til you drop. However, we all know that it is absolute mayhem once you step foot into the mall or shopping center. There are lines galore to check out and even lines waiting to get into the store. People get trampled, you get an elbow or two to the face and it's not a pretty sight; you are basically participating in a rough football game. Typically, throughout the day on Friday there are news headlines of “Women trampled” or “Fight breaks out over the last Barbie doll.” That is why I'm going to try and help you navigate the waters of Black Friday.


Here are some Do’s and Don'ts:



1. Plan out your morning/day

2. Go to the stores that you are most interested in first

3. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat throughout the day - if you want your energy to last

4. Check the return policies

5. Go with friends or family members to make it a fun event

6. Prepare yourself for long lines and bad shopping etiquette from others.



1. Spend money on things you don’t need (that’s why it is important to have a game plan)

2. Don’t be rude to other people and be the one to throw elbows

3. Don’t stress out if the deal is goes because you always have Cyber Monday or some deals even last all weekend

4. Don’t cut others in line


I hope these Do’s and Don’ts will help you navigate the craziness of Black Friday! Happy shopping!

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