Dorm Decor for Different Styles

Your dorm room. It’s the room you sleep in 8 months of the year, the room you could potentially make some of your best memories in, and the place that eventually starts to feel like home. But in order to get to that point, it has to be decorated to feel like home! Whether you are preppy, boho, or minimalist, your dorm room style must be a reflection of who you are in order to feel like the most comfortable space on campus. Here are some design types to help get you on the path of the perfect room for you!

My Room

My style tends to be colorful and slightly preppy. Here is a list of my five favorite décor pieces that help me bring out my style into my room:

1. Comforter

When I first saw this comforter sitting on the shelf in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I knew I had to have it. Full of bright colors, and created by my favorite designer Kate Spade, I fell in love immediately. The multicolor design was perfect for me as I was not sure what my roommate would be bringing freshman year. Therefore, I figured any color she would bring in would be somewhere in this pattern. Besides being colorful, it is also heavy and soft too, which is exactly what one wants from a comforter. It is still available for purchase at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

2. Headboard pillow

My current roommate first introduced me to the headboard pillow last year. This pillow is huge, which makes it perfect for propping you upright when you just want to sit on your bed. The monogram design also brings a certain amount of preppy-ness to the room. These pillows are available at in many different styles and colors.

3. Throw Pillows

I love throw pillows. And to me, the more pillows you have the more comfortable your room feels. Throw pillows come in all shapes, patterns, styles, and sizes, so this is a really easy way to personalize your dorm room. Throw pillows are also great in that they can be relatively inexpensive and yet easily change the way a room feels.

4. Picture Frames

This part of my room is the part that I have changed many times and have only recently found success. Last year, I hung up all my photos with Washi tape. Despite how cute it looked, Washi tape easily became an annoyance after the tape began to peel and my pictures began to fall. So this year, I took a different approach and hung picture frames with command strips. So far it has been successful! I love how polished it makes my room feel and it makes my pictures pop a little bit more than just taping them to the wall.

5. Lights

Lastly, no room is complete without hanging lights. This year, I went with blue bulbs in order to match the blue of my comforter and headboard pillow. While they don’t bring that much more light into the room, they serve the primary goal of adding another decorative object to the room.

My Roommate’s Room

My roommate’s room is a completely different style from my own. She has more a boho style room. Here are four elements from her room that contribute to its overall style and comfort:

1. Comforter

To begin the soft, bohemian feel, my roommate chose an ombre, peach comforter. It provides a softness that truly makes the room feel homey. Besides being extremely soft, one of the major perks about this comforter is that it the color brings much-needed light to the room, contributing to the airy feel. The light color also easily matches many other colors as well, which is nice for decorating with a roommate.

2. Tapestry

This tapestry is obviously the main focal point of the room. Its monumental size really makes the ceiling in the room feel high, thus making the room feel more open and airy. The tapestry really ties the room together as it incorporates colors from every other part of the room. When choosing a tapestry, be sure you choose one that complements instead of dominates the room, which I personally think my roommate did really well here.

3. Garland

As you can see, my roommate chose to hang pom-pom garland across her wall. This really helps with continuity of the room, making it all feel more connected. Besides the continuity, it allows for another little bit of color to be added. Again, these colors nicely match the colors in the tapestry and the comforter making it all feel connected.

4. Picture Display

Above her desk, there is a “Life is Good” sign with photos attached. I personally love this photo display in that it combines two of the most common things to find in a girl’s dorm room: a quote and photos. Thus, this sign is a fun and creative way to display photos.  

These rooms offer very different styles, and yet they share similar elements that make them feel comfortable and homey. Whatever your taste, use these design ideas to help bring home to school.