The Different Types of BC Look-aways

Even though there are over 15,000 people on campus, it always seems to happen that you end up running into that one person you would rather avoid. Whether it’s pretending to be on your phone, forcing your friend into a conversation, or just plain looking the other way, we have all done the infamous “BC Look-away”. Here are the general types of people we all tend to avoid while walking in between classes.

1. The girl that was in your orientation group that you swore would be your best friend when you started school

2. That boy that managed to do none of the work on the “group” project

3. That girl that went to your high school that you occasionally (frequently) stalk on Instagram

4. That guy that used to have a thing with your roommate that is now sworn as the enemy


5. An old TA (shout out to one of my old TA’s that called me Sharon for a full semester)

6.Your past RA that was kind to give you a write-up. Or two.

7.The girls you almost roomed with when putting together an eight-man

8. Those girls you bonded with in the bathroom at a party and swore you would get lunch sometime

9. The boy that you sit behind in Calculus that makes taking derivatives your favorite part of the day

11. Friends of your cousins or siblings that barely know your name, yet you know all their embarrassing drunk stories

12. Your sibling. See you at Thanksgiving, Jon!

So go out and get your BC Look-away on!



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