Cute Valentines to Gift This Year

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, some of you may be looking to find fun little valentines to send to friends. There are so many easy ways you can make your own treats to share with the people you love the most! Try some of these next week!

1. This is such a sweet idea for roommates! You can print this little tag online and either tape it to bags of microwavable pop corn or make little “movie night” treat bags with candy, drinks, and other treats! (brownie points if you pick out everyone’s favorite box of candy!)

2. This is another cute idea for roommates or a group of people! Get plastic wine glasses or champagne glasses and fill them with candy and top with a cupcake! They look festive and are a nice sweet treat to share with people. You could also get wine glasses and fill them with candy and other little fun gifts (face masks, nail polish, gift cards etc.)


3. Another inexpensive and sweet idea are these fun chap stick valentines! You can usually get them at the drug store in packs of 3 or 4 so you can get one box and share with a handful of people! Not only are they so cute, they’re also super useful (I find that I always lose mine before I use the whole tube).

4. Such a good gift for your favorite coffee lovers!! You can treat friends to coffee by sticking a gift card in a coffee cup shaped card with punny messages! (a more budget friendly thing to do could be making the cards and taping on tea bags/hot cocoa packets!)